Wednesday, April 1, 2015

// so comes april //

it is hard to convince the cozy part of my mind that it is indeed april.

frosty air and big sweaters are now fading into the distance,
while sun-warmed faces and flipflops are coming into view. 

april seems to me to be the beginning of everything new.
while january is the start of the year, april is the start of a season.
january continues winter, but april starts spring.

while i am sad that winter is over (for i do love my cozy book nights),
i look forward with eagerness to what summer of 2015 has in store for me.

i learned a lot last summer, most of which was hard to learn, but it was worth it
and i know that God's constantly teaching me things and i pray that i'm teachable to his lessons;
to his process of making me more like Himself.


sometimes when a month dies and another takes its place,
we are so busy we do not even notice.
or if we do it its only because of some event, or the fact that the number changes in the date, 
or our life slows down or speeds up due to the month change.

but have we have really stopped to think about the months?
everything from its name to the actual meaning of a month is interesting in itself.
i find it to be refreshing, like taking a step back and looking at the larger picture.

here are a few things you may have already known about april, or perhaps not.
 i hope that you will find as much pleasure reading them as i did discovering them. 

- april is associated with spring in the northern hemisphere, but with autumn in the southern hemisphere. 
thus, october is the southern hemisphere's april - 

- april's birth flower is a daisy -

- april starts on the same day of the week as july does every year, except leap year -

- april's zodiac signs are aries and taurus -

-it is the month of my youngest sister's celebration of birth-

- the original latin title, aprilis, is most likely derived from the latin verb aperire which means to open,
an illusion to the opening of flowers and the beginning of spring -

- easter, or resurrection day, is celebrated the first sunday after the first full moon - 

- april's birthstone is a diamond - 

- it is the national poetry month in the usa - 

- it has been suggested that april was originally the goddess venus' month -

- patriots' day is the third monday of april. it is a civic holiday to commemorate the anniversary of the first battles of the american revolution on april 19th, 1775 - 

what do you associate with april?

bring me all your dreams, you dreamer.
bring me all your heart melodies;
that i may wrap them in a blue cloud-cloth,
away from the too-rough fingers of the world.
// langston hues //


  1. I totally know what ya' mean Eva! I feel like I have been waiting for Spring and Summer to come for forever, and yet now that it is coming, I hold onto the end of winter, and try to savor every moment. I always associate the color green with April. ;)

    1. green because of everything new? i agree. funny fact: i wrote this post a couple weeks ago and my mindest *completely* switched in the following weeks from winter to summer, so i reread this and was like.. well i've kind of gotten out of the winter phase. but i still half feel this way so i'll post it anyway. =)


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