Friday, December 30, 2016

at dusk

my favorite evenings are the ones with 

ombre pink skies that whisper farewell to the busy streets.

the ones that light up the clouds with a soft glow

making them look like cotton candy

purple and pink

drifting slowly across the sky.

the ones that fill the valleys with a fog that

gently wraps the the earth in it's blanket.

the ones that sends the sun to bed with a song

that sings of lovers quiet conversations.

the ones that call the stars out early,

to shine brightly in the the still lit sky,

pink and dusky though it may be. 

my favorite evenings are the ones that I am content;

quiet, happy, thinking of memories,

the sunset,


and how darn beautiful the sky is.

<3 Eva
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there is always music amongst the trees, and in the garden,
but our hearts must be still to hear it.
minnie aumonier | via

Saturday, December 24, 2016

late night questions

how do people exist? 
I wonder at what goes on in their minds....

what lives in their thought life? 
what do they fear? 
what do they love? 
what do they think of humanity? 
of God's love?

do they love someone? 
does that person love them back?  
do they get lonely late at night? 
what happens when they have dark thoughts? 
do they cry? 
do they scream? 
do they talk to someone about it or bottle it all up inside?

it's these questions that I find intriguing. 
it's people that I find intriguing. 

but sometimes I feel like a bother. 
like talking to me means taking time out of the real conversations... 
one's the other person would rather be having. 

I talk a lot, I have a lot of opinions. 
I sometimes don't know what to say...

do they go away happy? 
are they glad they talked with me? 
do they feel like they've had a worthwhile conversation?
or is it just small talk until they can escape my eager conversation?





fears behind the mouth,

questions behind the eyes,

hungry for friendships,

for love,

in the simplest, 

most honest and innocent way possible.

vulnerability is a frightening thing, 

but when people ask you to open up 

it's freeing.

yet I tear myself down with these fears and doubts,

convincing myself that no one,


wants to talk with me.

how do I do that?

how do WE do that?

I know I'm not alone, 
I know that with a new year comes new fears,
but I also know that God is faithful to 

still those fears.

time and time again
He calms my mind and reassures 
me of the great love I've been blessed with.

both from Him
and from others.

if you're having doubts and fears,
promise me you won't forget that either.

<3 Eva
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look for Christ and you will find Him.
and with Him, everything else
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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

silence recieved

i'm calling for you across this


do you hear me?


and out. 

i never get a reply,

just static.

always static.

please, why 


i know why, 

you know why,

you've moved on.

away from the radio

away from me.

but i still sit here, 

calling your name into the radio,

stating "over and out"

until the sun rises and i tell myself,

this dream has ended.

you should move on,




here's a sappy post for you guys.
I'm honestly not going through heartbreak, 
I just loved the idea of radio, static, and calling into the void

<3 Eva
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"Be human to the fullest"
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