Monday, April 6, 2015

// musing //

do you ever have those days where you're very thoughtful?

not depressed, or sad,

just very filled with thoughts?

today is cloudy, breezy and slightly chilly.

i'm going to draw and listen to twenty-one pilots {again}

and perhaps drink some cider.

{and filter through the many thoughts filling my mind.}

what does your day look like?

<3 Eva
sometimes you gotta bleed to know
that you're alive and have a soul.
tear in my heart // twenty one pilots // via


  1. Those days come very often to me. But...not today. ;) Today, was full of cooking good food, drinking peace tea, eating way too much, and doing much needed school, while listening to Jackie Evancho.

    1. that sounds like a wonderful day. especially the peace tea. =)

  2. Twenty one pilots <3
    My day is opposite to yours; I am thoughtless and careless and mostly felt like dancing in the rain. :)

    1. twenty-one pilots are my life. >.<
      i love those days. they're so divine!


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