Wednesday, February 25, 2015

// minor female characters i love //

i love when i read a book and from the background of the story, from the shadow of the heroine, a minor character shines.

these are the characters the i think back on with fondness,

wishing i could have gotten to know them better,

wondering what the book would have been like from their perspective,

and what their story entailed.

so in honor of them,

 here are a couple minor {female} characters i love.

{perhaps i'll do one on minor male character i love next}
-   -   -

nancy // oliver twist 

a young woman in a strange time and place. a thief who lives in the slums of london. a friend to oliver. and most importantly a girl who wishes to start her life anew

agnes wickfield // david copperfield

agnes is one of those characters that becomes the heart of the story without one realizing it. everyone loves her, but no one truly acknowledges what she's worth. not in a bad way, just not to the extent the reader does. dear agnes is loving, caring, and very good at giving advice when i would have given a smack on the cheek. david can be so aggravating sometimes.

philippa gordon // anne of the island 

when anne leaves dear avonlea for redmond college, she ends up sharing a house with three of other girls; one of which is philippa - or phil as she is fondly called. she is the silliness, she is the laughter, she is the loyal friend. she loves life in an innocent way, reminding anne that it need not be so heavy weighted. (and for goodness sake's just marry gilbert)

mrs. hannah thornton // north and south

she is a most complex minor character. mother of leading male character, john thornton, she appears stiff, cold, and to a certain extent cruel. but if one looks deeper you find she is frightened of the past, frightened of it reoccurring. her life has forced her to be strong for her children, and to hold strongly onto them and the life they have. perhaps she's cold because she's scared to give her love and compassion to someone who would trample it. perhaps she's cruel because she's a mother scared of change. perhaps she's stiff because she fears people won't respect her when they see that she's simply a broken woman, who has barely survived her past.   

all pictures via pinterest
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and those are a few characters that have made their way into my heart.

perhaps they'll make their way into yours someday.

<3 eva
there are chords in the hearts of the most reckless 
which cannot be touched without emotion.
-edgar allen poe

Thursday, February 19, 2015

// a discovery //

why did no one tell me?

why did no one mention

that growing up is painful?

painful and confusing.

very much so.

there's rules for some things

and no rules for others?

there's things that everyone talks about

and yet there's things that everyone assumes you know about.

like "oh hey, you might feel like sobbing at 12:01am. but that's alright."

"its natural. it happens. and yes, its alright."

"God's in his heavens and in your heart and He will hold you as you cry."

"when you feel confused and unsure of everything, focus on the things you are sure of."

"like the midnight breeze coming through the window,

the feeling of a paperback in your eager hands

the amazing poetry in God's word, 

the joy of laughter and smiles,

the happiness muffins bring,

the funny goofiness of family,

the rays of the sun, 

the silent watchfulness of the moon,

and the countless stars in the heavens that never change, 

just like the God who is watching you,

your heart,

and your bewildered mind."

but no one talks about those things,

so i discovered them myself.

and now i'm sharing them with you.

growing up is naturally painful

and confusing.

but with a bit of enjoying the little things,

dancing to that happy beat,

and trusting in the God of stars,

your heavy little heart will slowly lighten;

with the break of dawn

your heart will smile. 

<3 eva
while you're doing fine, there's some people and I
who have a really tough time getting through this life
so excuse us while we sing to the sky.
-twenty-one pilots 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

// to love and to be loved //

a post to share with you bunches of love quotes i have come across

these quotes are not strictly romantic love, but simply love.

for love is the meaning of life

Christ died for us because He loved us

we marry and have children because of love

friendships go through thick and thin because of love

we live to love and be loved

yes, i believe that 

love is life

<3 eva

Saturday, February 7, 2015

// latin and greek //


meaning star in the greek language


a few words from our language, in which it is used:  

| disaster

 separation from the good influence of friendly stars

| asteroid |

in the form of a star

| astronaut |

star sailor

| aster |

a star shaped flower

| astrologer |

one who gets knowledge from stars 



meaning star in the latin language


a few words in which it is used: 

| constellation |

a group of stars

| stellerid |

a star fish 

| interstellar |

between the stars

| stellify

transform a person or a thing into a star or constellation 

| stellate |


a night sky is a beautiful canvas for thought

and even more so if it is flooded with starlight.

i have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.
-sarah williams

Sunday, February 1, 2015

// remembering you //

 i'll watch as the sun fills a sky that was dark

and i'll be remembering you

i'll think of the way that you fill up my heart

and i'll be remembering you 

{from the song remembering you, inspired by narnia}

<3 eva
courage, dear heart