Sunday, March 20, 2016


Spinning, spinning, forever.

Blackness envelops me, I see nothing but stars.

There are others around me....

but they seem so far away.

I think, I hope that perhaps they are like me, that they might relate to me;

but when I look closer I find they cannot;

they are so very different than I.

I feel the heavy weight of responsibility,

resting on me, the lives of the people.

I see the brightness of my life, but there is always a part of me hidden.

Hidden in the dark, with only one friend for company: 

the friend who is more faithful than anyone I've ever met.

Sometimes I lose sight of why I do what I do,

I often feel that I work in circles, 


forever and a day.

But I go forth, into the dark

continuing my mission.

For even if I don't know the reason,

I know there is one.

I am the Earth.

<3 Eva
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Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen.
Do not be afraid.

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Monday, March 7, 2016

// a list; what i've been up to //


for once in my life i'm purposely reading two books at once; 
normally i avoid such a thing, but for some reason its getting slightly easier.

i. the pursuit of God; by a.w. tozer  
this book is incredible. it is an exploration of a Christian's relationship with God: 
not in the normal sense, but in the overwhelming, passion for God. 
its about cultivating the hunger that Christians have grown accustomed to stifling with shallow worship. 
this book has changed my outlook on a life of faith and on being a Child of God and i'm only halfway through it.

ii. mere christianity; by c.s lewis 
a book i've been meaning to read for a long time, as finally been made priority. 
to sum this book up in one phrase: it proves God without using the Bible. 

originally a radio talk during world war two, c.s lewis explores the human nature, and all the questions that seem to have a "just believe" answer. 
i'm only a third of the way through it so far, so i cannot give me full thoughts, but already i am blown away by the smartness of lewis.

i recently read animal farm and was intrigued by the simple horror of it all. 
the truths are so bare and apparent that it's no surprise it was, and is, a revolutionary book.


james bay. so much james bay.

i adore any music acoustic, 
it's my chill music that i can relax too will studying.  
and james bay is the king of chill. 
-his voice is perfect; 
-his melodies are unique; 
-his instruments are clean and cleverly used;
- his harmonies are somehow always on spot.
- and (speaking of harmonies) his background vocals are just flawless.
(okay maybe not flawless, but they're really good okay?)

i'm sorry for rambling, i'll just let you listen to my favorite of his right now:

we're you surprised i didn't say twenty one pilots? 
yeah sometimes physics and rap don't go together. 
its called alternatives, people.


a lot of lord of the flies thoughts. 
thoughts and musings of the darkness of man's heart,
of the strength and terror of humanity. 

via from lord of the flies

i've been thinking about how i find exploring the hearts and flesh of humans extremely intriguing.
and how people don't get my love and interest for books like frankenstien and lord of the flies,  

when i expressed this to one friend she told me:
"you see beauty in the dark and sad things, not many people do."

and i think i just need to come to terms with that. 
most people don't stop me when i start talking {passionately} about these topics/books.
but they don't fully get it.

another friend, after listening to my frustration about how people avoid the dark subjects, about how they cover it up with smiles and fluff, kindly told me,

"they're scared. it's fear that makes them avoid the dark topics."

forgive me, humans, for wanting you to talk about the very thing you fear the most: yourself

<3 eva
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"men are not prisoners of fate, but prisoners of their own minds"
- franklin roosevelt | via