Monday, April 27, 2015

// future living //

less words, more pictures.

today i'm struggling with a cold.

and have been unable to think of a decent subject for a blog post the past. . . 

several hours.

my mind is a blur of exhaustion, lord of the flies, and sunshine, 

and also my book.  

but right now, i have decided to share with you some future hopes.

not big hopes, but little ones.

ones that might be petty and silly to some people.

but who cares what they think, right? 

lately, i've caught myself thinking a lot about my future apartment,

 (a house may happen before an apartment, but we'll just stick with the apt.)

and with the help of pinterest, have found life forms of my dreams and ideas.

|| apartment ideas ||

life-size paintings or photographs on my walls is ideal

or painted canvases hung from my bedroom wall.

messy pillows and lots of epic blankets

and a duvet cover that blows all others out of the water.

an accent wall that's all its own

and a wall that i can do anything and everything to.

twinkle lights, twinkle lights

a desk where i can study, work, and write blog posts at

pictures, words, light and plants scattered everywhere
(just in case you already hadn't gotten that memo)

and adequate shelving for my many, many books

all pictures via pinterest
. .

over all i wish it to be full of hope, life, and passion. 

where one feels at home, but also inspired and refreshed.

so for now i'll dream, hope and plan.

and do my best to apply all of this to the room i have right now.

thanks for viewing,

<3 eva
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"there is nothing truly more artistic than loving people"
vincent van gogh // via pinterest


  1. Incredible. This is everything I want in my future apartment and more! Especially fairy lights...lots of fairy lights!

  2. This is absolutely marvelous. I'm dying lately to decorate and humanize a living space. I have so many ideas fighting for attention in my head. I want a place of comfort to de-stress. I want a kitchen to go wild in. I want it to look lived-in, but not cluttered. I want space, but coziness, and light, but not too much exposure. I want simple, and I want windows, and I want books and I want pillows. And plants. totally plants. I'm so ready. But anyway, I love this and the ideas and the images to go along. and I love pinterest. Oh and also you ;)


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