Thursday, May 29, 2014

Wayward Thoughts

I'm still struggling to come up with a worthwhile post. And I refuse to post about not having anything to post about. Thus the lack of words.

I have started journal-ing again. I've never been that good at keeping a journal - writing about life events never seemed that interesting to me; and a prayer journal is somewhat confusing to my brain.. But in order to practice my writing and let loose my wayward thoughts that tumble through my crazy head I have picked it back up. I have a different purpose this time, not to think but bleed my thoughts onto the paper. I don't care what it is, what it sounds like, or from what remote part of my brain it came from: its going down in ink. My hope is that I will find my style of writing and cultivate it. If that doesn't happen then.. well I'll have a bunch of insane thoughts. Lovely insanity.   

May 9th, 2014 - Deliquesce

Music is one of the many foods of the soul. It twists and winds through the barriers of the heart. Finding the cut that needs soothing, melting it into healing. It awakes the imagination, letting loose the colors and painting
images across my mind and a smile on my lips.

Emotion is a wild thing, together we can tame it. -Drop Your Guard (Jasmine Thompson).

May 9th, 2014 - 1:05am Thoughts

Images and thoughts filter through my head like sand through your fingers. To see a dearly loved story come alive is joy. To see Frodo and Sam and Pippin and Aragorn and everyone dearly beloved, is pure excitement... My eye lids don't seem heavy any longer and I'm awake and alive. Alas for my mind, for I must sleep.

To sleep or not to sleep - I fear that is not a question.

May 11th, 2014 - Passion

And so I battle with emotions and feelings, trying not to appear to emotional. But seriously its hard to hide the passions of my heart when they are what fuel my mind and thoughts. To some who are practical and
reasonable I suppose I must appear a romantic fool. But do I live to satisfy others? Do I live to fit the mold? I should think not. Is that not a purpose in my life, to be different - to be passionate and alive? I believe so. To change for people would be a fool's task. We were all created equal and unique. So let us thrive in that uniqueness and find who we are. What do I care what people think? I live to please God, not men.



May 12th, 2014 - Nightfall

Like a eye in the night sky so the moon shines with vibrant life. Keeping watch over the world while we sleep with only the stars to keep her company.

May 13th, 2014 - Words and Silence

My mind floats around catching snippets of conversation, intertwining the words into comprehensible nonsense. I close my eyes and see nothing, I open them and see my book. I try to read, grasping the letters with sweaty hands begging them to tell me a story. But they turn a cold shoulder and with the hum of conversation around me I start to feel like I'm suffocating. Through the mugginess of my brain and the waves of panic I feel two words: Silence and words. A light, a concept to grasp. I leave the room mumbling an excuse of absence. I lay on my bed and pour the essence of my life into my soul:
  • Words
  • Silence
May 29th, 2014 - Lesson learned

I'm learning a lesson: If you write a story with no attention to who you write it, it is not worth reading. It will most likely be a poor mess of words, un-tasteful and confusing. However, if you write a story and pour your thoughts and time into creating beautiful and witty writing, but none into the plot and characters: then again, it is not worth reading. Your readers will be disinterested and bored, in fact you might also!

So we must find a balance of plot and writing. Throw your heart into both. Tastefully spin the tale with your writing, yet at the same time spin their minds with your complex plot.

May 22nd, 2014 - The Sky 

(Awhile ago I asked my friend to tell me about the sky from her window. One thing she mentioned was that it was purple.. this is my reply)

Moments ago over here, it was creamy as well, but the royalty was not visible. Instead a rich red that seemed to inspire the mind, burned. And a hint of pink and orange tone it down to soothe the mind in a whispering voice.

Last minute thoughts for this post:

I've found the most amazing person: Pepper J. Darcy. A fellow blogger, writer, artist, and Pinterester. She's simply awesome. Just trust me. Here's a post from her blog that I love, click here. And to view her art, that is just stunning, go here. 

I'm also getting really excited about my book. I've been making time to write more, and ideas are slowly (Oh ever so slowly) falling into place. It is so so much fun.

Also, don't take the above writings the wrong way. Even if they seem strange there's a perfectly realistic explanation for them. 

<3 EVA
why do i love this?

Friday, May 9, 2014

Liebster Awards + Sunflower Award

I would apologize for lack of post but.. I do what I want!!!

My deepest and most humble apology's for the terrible lack of posts, please forgive me. Life has gotten busy and computer time has been spent else where. :)

I have recently, and in the past (a month ago maybe.. or was it two?) been awarded three awards! Yea, that's a lot, I just want to say. I've been pushing aside the task of answer the questions the lovely ladies have asked me, and as a result I have quite a few questions to answer. I'm going to compile them all into one post so that I don't have three awards in a row. Anywho, thank you Natalie (Raindrops on Roses and Wiskers on Kittens) for the first award, thank you Grace Anna (Dreams of a Narnian) for the 2nd award, and thank you Darrion and Willow (The Call) for the last and final one. :)

All three of the awards ask me to state 11 random facts about myself, so first that, then questions. :)

1. You want random? I'm wearing a green sweater right now.
2. I have a really hard time reading more than one book at a time. I feel disloyal to the book I started with, and its just hard to juggle my time and decide which one gets read that particular afternoon. :)
3. I love tea, and am totally not a coffee gal. However, I always forget about my tea when I do drink it. (well hey, the book was interesting!)
4. I've decided I should journal, but I have no idea what about. And then I realized that's why I would journal. To ramble.
5. I love playing 20th century music on the piano. And I find it amusing that basically all the composers from then were like "Hey, no more rules." Because literally it is hard figure out how to play their pieces.
6. I love all my books to bits and I have a feeling that when I get married we won't have any empty bookshelves. :)
7. I am currently redecorating my room. Its a challenge: I share it with a sister who likes cowgirl things, you know - rustic. I like Paris, I like 50's, I like vintage, and what? You want a burlap lamp? No no, what about this one? It looks like a street lamp! Let's just say we've compromised.
8. I like computer science.
9. I really cringe and have to stifle the want to help when I see a bad quality website or blog. (especially those blogs, yeesh)
10. I have glasses and I love them. I think if I ever got contacts I would be sad. (basically I love accessories.)
11. I feel slightly scared and strange that I will be graduating next spring.. even if it is a year early than normal.

And there we are! I hope those were interesting and random enough. :)

From Natalie

Least favorite and favorite Disney princess?
Ok, this is a really hard one because I don't know all of the princesses that well and haven't watched all of them. But I have to say I really dislike Ariel, and love Belle.. and Anna, and Elsa, and Rapunzle. :)

Book you're currently reading?
Return of the King, by J.R.R Tolkien. I just finished Two Towers, and loved it. :)

A movie that makes you cry?
Oh goodness, lots of movies make me cry! (I cry really easily) But ones off the top of my head are, Little Women (Beth's death gets me every time!) The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (yea, that scene between Eustace and Reep? William Poulter is an amazing actor!) and recently Amazing Grace. 

Which author do you prefer: Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Louisa May Alcott, or L. M. Montgomery?
The committee inside my head has officially decided this question is cruel. Very cruel. But if I must narrow it down I would say Charles Dickens and Louisa May Alcott. Probably because I'm most familiar with their writing. I've read pretty much all of Alcott's books (and Little Women many times) and have read a lot of Charles Dickens and love his writing! (but really I love the other two a lot also!)  

Favorite person from history?

I really admire William Wilberforce and his dedication to getting rid of slavery in England. The passion that man had is so inspiring, and I find it sad that America didn't follow his example. 

Describe the dress you'd wear on the red carpet if you were a famous actress:

I don't give much thought to stuff like this, but I would say either a green or a deep scarlet red, with a small train... I'm not sure. 

From Grace Anna 
Just a small note, that she didn't write these questions. She got them from another blog. 

What nationality are you?
Well I have Irish, Scottish and Polish in me.. so, I dunno? I know the Polish shows a lot. :)

Do you believe the ends justify the means?

I would have to say not necessarily.
Do you work well under pressure or snap?
I can't say for sure (you would have to ask friends and family) but I think I do fairly well. I've been called 'cool and collected' and 'always put together' so I'm thinking that I bear pressure pretty well; even if I feel like I'm going to snap.

What’s your favorite music genre/band?

I don't really have a favorite band, but I love soundtracks. 

Batman or Superman?

Since I haven't watched either of the new movies, or watched the cartoons, or read the comic books.. I don't really know. But I would probably say Batman. :)

Do you like to bake?

Um.. I suppose. But I don't do it that often.

Would you rather burn to a crispy chip of a human person or get skinned alive? (I promise you I didn't write these questions.  XD)

Goodness that's terrifying. I guess burned? (this is just wrong..)

Honestly, how many friends do you have? Not acquaintances, but honest-to-goodness-friends.

I counted last night and it was about 40... I was probably missing someone, so let's add a + sign to that: 40+ :)

What is your best subject in school?

Probably Math. :)

Do you do your own thinking or allow others to just give you the information?

I do my own thinking. And I have very strong and well thought-through opinions, so be careful. :)

What’s your favorite ink color? 

I'll be boring and say black. But seriously I find it hard to use any other, even blue. :) Black is just so neat, tidy, and professional looking.

From Darrion and Willow

What was the first fandom you ever joined?The Narnia Fandom. And I prided myself in being a unique and different Narnia fan. :) 

Would you rather travel through time or space?Probably time, but space would be amazing and awe-inspiring. 

What ability/talent do you wish you had but do not have?
Singing, I guess? I can do it just not that well. (though I know if I practiced I would get better) 

What did you want to be when you were a little kid?
To tell the truth I didn't give much thought to what I wanted to be. But I remember being asked that and my answer was always a Mom. :)
Artsy stuff or sports?Artsy stuff, artsy stuff, artsy stuff. I stink at sports. 

Sew it or buy it?Buy it. I can sew but I don't have the time or the money to sew my own clothes!

If there was one fictional place you could live, where would it be?Narnia. Of course. 

Unexpected journey or Tardis?Unexpected Journey please.

Are you afraid of spiders or bugs?Yes, yes I am terrified of spiders. If you ever purposely hold a spider near me, I am not responsible for my actions.

Extrovert or Introvert?
Totally extrovert. :)

Read it or watch it? 
Most certainly read it. Books are always better than movies. They make you think, movies rarely do.

That is the last one! Finally got those done. :) Thank you again to everyone who awarded me. 

Have a lovely weekend,
<3 Eva