Friday, April 3, 2015

// love takes effort //

their eyes meet across the assembly. she gives him a half smile and her shoulder rises in a shy manner.

it is, perhaps, the same drill we all know: eyes meet, eyes lock, love at first sight.

and as it result it becomes cliche. because love at first sight is labeled that: cliche.

but they don't know that. they don't know that the world has put a label on the emotions that are surging through their heart and body at that moment. 

"its not real" the world says, "it'll pass" 

but the love is still there, 

and after their eyes meet, then they do. 

awkward conversations ensue. 

as well as passionate talks about life, Jesus, and eventually them.

years later, the cliche love has turned into something beautiful.

but not without heartache and struggles.

love is not easy, for love is not just a feeling, but an action.  

it is choosing to love someone each and every day.  

to continue on even when you feel like quitting.

you see, the cliche part of love at first sight is not that it happens,

but that it's perfect. 

love at first sight brings happy nothing-will-ever-go-wrong endings.

love at first sight brings perfect relationships.

relationships aren't perfect,

you have to be willing to work at them.

to be selfless, patient, kind, forgiving,

to talk things over when you feel like never speaking again.

to take your eyes off each other and place them on God.

to sacrifice things for others

to find peace in God not men when things go wrong.

to realize that men and woman are human

and they will disappoint, they will let down, they will sin.

and you need to be ready to say 

"let's ask God for help, and start again. afresh; covered in his grace."

and when their little girl grows to find her own love,

they will teach her.

they will tell her:

love is not easy, but it is worth it

Love takes sacrifice 
Love cuts like a knife 
Sometimes love will make you cry 
Love’s not easy 
But it’s worth it
worth it // francesca battistelli // via pinterest


  1. I love this <3
    You make a good point about love being an action, and how a relationship doesn't last unless you work for it.


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