Saturday, April 18, 2015

// life haunts and its okay //

it is life that we fear. 

the future.

the present.

the past.

it all haunts us in different ways.

but we can't let it get to us,

we have to look up where Jesus sits,

not down where the dust clouds our way,

where our weary feet stumble and fall,

and our knees get cut up and we cry out.

we sob into our pillows thinking that no one can understand our confused, hazy, tired minds.

look up.

look to wear he sits,

waiting with arms open wide,

his eyes are understanding,

there is gentle chiding is in his voice,

"why did you not run to me, my child? have i not told you i am here?

you sin. you doubt my power, you doubt my wisdom in knowing whats best for you.

my love, do not doubt me again. 

did i not endure death for you?

did i not become human? 

i know the struggles, the temptations, the tears, you live through.

and trust me when i tell you,

i let you undergo them so that you may become like Me."

life haunts us all, i know. 

but sometimes ghosts aren't malicious. 

<3 eva
we are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well
that death will tremble to take us
charles bukowski // via pinterest 


  1. "Sometimes ghosts aren't malicious" so powerful. Beautiful post :)


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