Saturday, December 26, 2015

// He has taught me so much //

i used to be scared of life. 

the simplicity of it all -

the way we grow up, live, die,

generation after generation with so little time - 

it frightened the heck out of me.

my least favorite nights were the ones where the flesh would

whispering that "no one cares for you in the long run, aside from your family of course."

i lived in a constant worry that i wasn't living life to the fullest.

that my lifestyle was lazy, without purpose.

this was my biggest fear:

that i would live.

i would die.

and that would be all. 

simple lives scared me

but now,

 i stand with a polar opposite drive.

simple lives inspire me.

it sounds like an oxymoron.

it doesn't make sense.

but think: 

we have an average of eighty or ninety years to change the world!

no, not the world: 

rather the lives of those around us.

the humans: the hurt, lost, suffering,

drowning sinners that surround us. 

this is not an obligation we have, this is a privilege.

our purpose on this earth is first and foremost to glorify Him who created us.

and through this purpose, we should find ourselves bringing others to the Savior. 

the simplicity of this life, is that love {should be} our motto.

in our actions, words, thoughts, life.

my good friend, you do not live fully until you start loving those humans.

the ones that live close to your daily life, 

or the ones you speak to on a rare occasion,

or even the ones that you never speak to.


with all your heart and mind strength.

until the peace of God, the love of your Savior, just surges through your veins.

{remember real love is full of actions, not just words} 

 take seconds, 

fleeting moments in the big picture,

but friend, 

they are moments that these humans with never forget.

{consciously or subconsciously it does not matter} 

make it your mission, or life list:

i. GOD


through this i have found my purpose, my love for life, my overwhelming peace and love for Christ.

for when you start loving people, you realize how helpless you are:

in their life,

in your life;

you realize the need you have for a great Savior.

it forces you to throw it at His feet

to surrender the flesh and ask for His help.

and His word {the bible} comes alive, 

you learn so much about Him and his plans.

about how He works, how He helps people, 

how He helps you.

it takes the focus off your life and puts it on Him. 

and that my friend, is pretty darn incredible.

. .

a simple life is full of these small acts.

imagine how many fleeting moments you can fit in ninety years.

that's a lot of love, a lot of lessons learned, 

and a lot of Christ's work lived out.

that is why,

a simple life inspires me.

i do not know how clear this all is.

but i do know that the great love i have for my Savior, Jesus Christ,

drives my life, 

my actions,

and my love for these suffering humans.

it's my purpose.

. . .

merry christmas my dear friends!

don't be a scrooge. :)

<3 eva
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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

// sing to the sky //

| keep your head above water,
but don't forget to breathe |
-alexi murdoch // breathe

. .
. . .
sometimes life is black

with ragged waves.

the ink of the harsh water

eating away at your struggling body.

hurling you, suffocating you,

like a heartless monster

taking pleasure from its sobbing victim.

. . .

but other times it is as still 

as the night sky.

serene, silent, without movement.

the water appears to be glass

it is so tame.

it laps against your neck,

and you glare,

wondering why it doesn't do more.

you almost drown and now you're

hoping the waves that tried to destroyed you 

would be wilder.
. . .
. .

but you're not a fish.

you are not aquatic.

you are human.

so realize that your life is out in the air,

in the sky.

this ocean is only temporary.

<3 eva
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so excuse us while we sing to the sky
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Sunday, December 6, 2015

// declaring my love //

You are my light,

my color,

my warmth.


You are my friend,

my peace, 

my comfort,


You are my life, 

my belief, 

my energy, 


i love you Jesus

<3 eva
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"i'll make it because He carries me."
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