Tuesday, January 26, 2016

// words of mine //

i bet you were all expecting a sappy sentimental post about the new year, weren't you?

about the death of 2015 and the birth of 2016, the year of opportunities...

yeah, well that previous sentence is the closest we're going to get. ;)

so be thankful.

{unless of course you don't like posts like that. in which case... be thankful}

the reason for the lack of posts is due to other projects such as:

i. school + piano 
ii. my magazine
iii. life

here's a list of things i have discovered since the dawn of the new age:

I. everything in life has a rhythm

II. florence + the machine
i'm not sure why i like her yet, 
i just do.

III. senior year is inspiring as heck

IV. senior year is busy as heck

V. if you make time for something, amazing progress can be made.

VI. while change is exciting it can also be frightening and intimidating.

VII. learning to drive is fun <3

VIII. i love lists and twenty-one pilots.
oh wait. that's not new

IX. a lot, and i mean a lot, can happen in a year.

X. christmas kind of makes me broke?
i think i need to stop finding such expensive gifts.

XII. right when you think you've got everything planned perfectly,
God shows you He's the one who plans your life. He's in control, not me.

XIII. i love discovering new music, books, friends, routines.
little changes such as those give everyday life a fresh perk.

i don't even know what this post is.
but its been too long since i've typed out words on this blog.

stay alive, my friends |-/

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"we're all so desperate to be understood,
we forget to be understanding."
-unknown | via