Monday, March 30, 2015

// words of spring //

i love the breath of the wind on my neck,
blowing my hair away from my face,
reviving me and filling me with a freshness only nature can give.

i love the gentle touch of the sun on my face, 
stilling the slight shiver that runs through my body
calming me and putting to rest the worries of my mind

i love the humming sound of nature that meets my ear,
reminding me that birds, bees, and creatures,
are working in this new spring day.

i love the peaceful night,
when everything  and everyone is quiet,
and the cloud mottled sky, 
with stars peeping from behind,
watch over the close of the day.

<3 Eva
i remember two things: that i am a great sinner; and that Christ is a great savior.
// john newton // via pinterest 


  1. This is so lovely... It makes me hungry for spring. There's still about three feet of snow here. :(

  2. I loved this post!!!!! It's turning to quickly turning to spring here too and it just makes me so happy. I cannot get enough of this weather! I've probably been outside more than I should have been over the last several days;) By the way, I just published a new blog post and I wanted to make sure that I actually changed my profile to a blogger profile. That would mean that you are able to comment right? If you could go check that out and see if people with blogger profile's can comment now, that would be fantastic. Thanks so much ^-^ And SO sorry for my way too long dry spot over the last month! Keep your blog posts coming though!! I love all of them (and I ADORE the new blog look. so pretty)

    1. thank you, olivia!
      isn't it wonderful? i just can't wait for summer and everything it entails. i think that no one can be outside too much. =)
      unfortunately its still not working? maybe i can look into that sometime cuz i would think i would be able to since you changed your profile... mmmm.
      well i'm looking forward to all the posts you're going to be making in the near future =D and i'm glad you love the spring blog look! i was ready for something new, and why not go flowery pink? =)

  3. It is wonderful ^-^ And, of course, you're right. I probably should have just been getting more things done while I was outside!
    Haha, thank you!! I can't believe that I posted three times in the last ten hours! I guess that's what happens when I have free time on my hands! (I'm on spring break this week:) Hopefully, I'll keep it up in the coming weeks! And, absolutely, it's definitely pretty in pink ;)


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