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Happy New Year!!

 Farewell 2013...

...Welcome 2014

<3 Eva

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Pinterest :)




Don't argue. You know it's true.

I have recently obtained permission to create a Pinterest account; and I am now hurriedly uploading all of the tons of pictures I've accumulated over the months since I first discovered Pinterest.

If you're interested in seeing those pictures, click the picture below.

But please, don't get lost - and come back.

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Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas, my lovely readers!!! 
Thanks so much for all of your comments and reading of my posts. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

Have a wonderful Christmas day as you celebrate Christ's birth with family and friends!

"For unto us a Child is born.."

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Frozen - One of Disney's best

The Cast of Frozen
I have admittedly only watched three Disney Princess movies. And I didn't grow up watching them, like most people. That may be a shock to you, or it may not. But it's simple: my mom didn't want her little girls filled with the notion that disobedience and brattiness {yes I did make that word up} is acceptable (especially when they're not punished for it) and she also didn't want our brains filled with romantic nonsense. Because seriously, that is not how real life happens.

I am older now, and understand those things, and know how to handle them. Now, that doesn't necessarily mean that just because I understand something isn't good I can watch it. I'm not going to go watch a movie with a ton of swearing because I 'know how to handle it' and know its bad. But I am no longer as easily influenced as I was when I was younger. So watching a girl rebel from parents, flirting, etc. won't convince me that it's alright to behave in that way. Please understand however, that does not mean I approve.

Anna of Arendelle; adorable isn't she?
But moving on. I watched Tangled, not long after it came out on DVD. Most people had been ranting and raving about the wit, the humor, and the cuteness of the film. And, to the surprise of me and my sisters (who had been calmly telling people we didn't watch Disney Princess movies) my parents decided that we were all old enough to recognize that the behavior of Rapunzle was not right, and that her rebellious attitude was not appropriate. (That's not the only thing, but I will save that for a later post) I oohed and awwed over the movie just like everyone else, admiring the beauty of the animation and enjoying the humor and movie as a whole. Following the viewing of this lovely movie, I watched Brave. And really didn't like it. I found the animation beautiful, but the story? Besides the fact that Merida was a complete brat, the story line was just... boring and *very* one sided. Merida's little brothers, who never talk, and her father was the best part of the story. And I just have to put a word in for the poor men: while the suitors and their fathers (as well as the rest of the company of men) were suppose to be funny, I didn't find them funny at all, but found them idiots. How embarrassing for men to be portrayed in such a way! How degrading. :(

Elsa of Arendelle, Anna's sister; beautiful, no?
Frozen came out the day before Thanksgiving, November 27th. My sisters and I had watched both the
teaser trailer and the normal trailer (several in fact) but to tell the truth, I didn't really think we would watch it in theaters - maybe after if came out. Possibly. If my parents allowed, and wanted to. A couple weeks ago my Mom surprised us all and suggested that we watch Frozen in theaters. And of course, we were all surprised and ecstatic with joy! Thus, a week later my sisters, my parents, and I all went and saw Frozen in theaters.

I haven't been seen a movie that good, in a long time.  (Maybe I should add, in theaters)

Let's look at some points:

As I mentioned before I don't like the romantic aspect of Disney Princess movies, and how it's portrayed. This one did have romance (I would be surprised if it didn't) however, it was sweetly and tastefully done. And, the best part, was that the movie did not focus on the romance; it was not a large part of the movie, but rather they focused on the sisterly relationship between the two main girls of the story; Anna and Elsa.

Kristoff and his Reindeer Sven.
Next comes the typical Disney bratiness and rebellion. Even if there are no parents to rebel against, that doesn't mean that a character can't have a rebellious spirit over all. (it doesn't matter who or what she's rebelling against) But in Frozen, the main character, Anna, was incredibly sweet, spunky, funny, and normal. There was no hint of inner rebellion in her. I loved the uniqueness of her character, it was so unlike any animated girl character I've seen. Yet at the same time, she is so relate-able - to everyone I'm sure. Elsa, her sister, was also very amazingly done. And her voice was amazing. Oh wow, I could listen to her sing all day! Anna's also was amazing, and every time they started singing it was like 'yay!!!'. :)

Even though I haven't watched many Disneys, I think it's a very true statement when i say that this is one of the most (if not the most) light-hearted Disney Princess movie out of them all. All of the other ones, at least from what I know, have a bit of a dark side. You've got Snow White's evil Step-Mother, Cinderella's evil Step-Mother, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, and Mother Gothel (Tangled) all as the evil of the story. And
Hans of the Southern Isles
really, all of those ladies, especially Maleficent and Mother Gothel are very creepy and dark. With Brave you had a very dark side to the story with Mordu (you can tell I'm a Lord of the Rings fan when instead of Mordu I think Mordor or Morgul. haha), the strange little Witch, and the Mother-turns-bear. (It really was terrifying when she would turns 'wild' for a few moments) 

Frozen had none of that.

Admittedly there was 'bad guy', but it most certainly not as dark as any of these past movies! The movie as a whole was just cute, funny, and very enjoyable. I think they did a good job making it appealing to both little kids as well as olders; Tangled seemed to be striving straight for teen+ audience. Ah, and do you want to know one of the best parts of the movie?


He is one of the best animated characters ever!! He's so .. so.. bubbly and funny and cute and.. there aren't even words to describe him!! 

Elsa's ice powers were simply stunning. I loved the whole ice, snow, and winter factor in this movie, and Elsa's powers were most certainly one of my favorite parts! 

So I give this movie and A+. From its spunky funniness to emotion-worth-shedding-tears-over, it is truly one of my favorite movies now. Oh, and I already mentioned this, but I'll mention it again, the music was *amazing*. I was blown away by the whole score as well as the voices. If you haven't watched this yet, I beg you to watch it as soon as you can! (I do understand that may mean waiting for the dvd release - it's worth the wait, believe me!)

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy celebrating the birth of our Savior, and his gift of salvation!

<3 Eva
Because who doesn't think of Lucy and poor Narnia that is always winter, never Christmas, when it snows?

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The Holiday Season - relaxing, or stressful?

Wow, I'm so sorry for lack of posts. My poor blog has been greatly neglected lately, and I apologizes! While I haven't been incredibly busy, blog posts certainly haven't been top priority. It's strange to have December go so fast, and to feel the panic when I worry I won't get Christmas shopping (or just other holiday things) done in time. I remember when it seemed to take forever for Christmas to get here, and every day was like a century. Wonderful centuries, yes, because after all it was Christmas season, and Grandparents were coming. But now, it's hard to slow down, to take a breath, and enjoy this month of celebration. I'm constantly thinking of the things that need to be done, thinking about the next day, about next week, about Christmas, about New Years.

Adds everywhere are shouting at you to get last minute deals, get your Christmas shopping done, to do this, and that, and oh, don't forget about this!! But I want to remind you, this is Christmas! This is a time to enjoy family and friends, to sit back and forget about the worries and cares of the world, to focus on the most wonderful and amazing gift anyone has ever given you: The gift of Salvation.

It's easy to get wrapped up in everything and to forget what Christmas is really about. So please, don't forget. Please don't lose the focus on God this Christmas season and the incredible gift of his son that he sent to this dead and dying world. And besides that, just enjoy this holiday season! Remember to stop and enjoy the moment you're living. "Smell the roses" as it is often put.

One last thing. I don't know if you've watched 'A Charlie Brown Christmas', or if you've heard this clip on the radio, but I thought I would share it anyway. Every time I hear it on the radio it calms me down and rings a little reminder to focus on 'what Christmas is all about'.

I'm sorry it's low quality, I was having problems uploading the video to blogger and this was the only video that worked. Low quality, and it goes past the end of this speech. (just a wee bit) Oh well.. enjoy. :)

Merry Christmas!!!
<3 Eva
P.s I'll hopefully be posting more often.... =) Sorry again for lack of posts.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is the day that we are reminded to give thanks for everything God has blessed us with. I say reminded, because we are not suppose to give thanks only on the last Thursday of November - but every day, every minute of the year. So let us give thanks for life, for family, for Jesus' amazing sacrifice on the cross.

Today we are reminded, also, of the Pilgrims and their brave journey across the ocean. A journey that lasted nearly two months; a voyage that was full of sea-sickness, short food provisions, and storms that nearly destroyed their ship. The Lord protected them, nonetheless, and they survived the hardships and arrived at the New World near the beginning of November, 1620. The end of their journey, however, was not the end of their struggles. Winter came upon them while they were unprepared and still settling in. As a result, half of the company that voyaged from Holland (about 150 people, including sailors, etc) in September, died during the first winter in the New World. Coldness, starvation, lack of Vitamin C, weak/unhealthy diet, as well as many other causes, resulted in Scurvy, Pneumonia, and Tuberculosis.
Squanto, a Patuxent Native American, befriended them after the dreadful winter, most likely in early spring. He taught them how to use the land and water to their advantage, eels and fish were caught from the ocean, while corn was planted as instructed by Squanto. A year passed, and the Pilgrims started to thrive and built homes from trees that were cut down in the process of clearing. Crops grew healthy and strong, as well as the friendship between the Pilgrims and the Indians (that they had feared so much). Captain Jones made a journey back to England on the Mayflower, in April of 1621 to get supplies and possibly more people to inhabit the New World. Then in October or November of the same year (1621), after they had gathered in all of the crops, there was a celebration and feast that lasted three days. Ninety Indians, as well as their Chief, joined the Pilgrims in this feast, helping supply food and entertainment. This was a time of rejoicing, and thanking the Lord for what he had done.
This was the first of many Thanksgivings and the colonists were accustomed to having these feasts regularly in the future - the thing of thanks changing every time. It really is a good example to us, to set aside a day of thanks. Though let us not forget to constantly be in thanks.

While this is considered the 'First Thanksgiving', it was not officially called that until 1863 when, during the Civil War, President Lincoln proclaimed a national day of "Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens". Since then it has been celebrated every fourth Thursday of November, nation wide. Lincoln's Proclamation of Thanksgiving (1863) is really amazing to read. I'll give you the link, instead of posting the whole thing here. Click - Proclamation of Thanksgiving
I think it must have been hard, but profitable, for the people of America to find things to be thankful for in the midst of a sad, unneeded war. Brothers fought against brothers, friends against friends, and at the end of this cruel war an estimated 620,000 men died in line of duty. Cause of death varied from starvation, wounds (either instantly, later, or often from infection), frost bite, or slow death in Prison Camps. The prison camps actually played a large part in the amount of deaths, and as I read in a
1st Minnesota Infantry at Gettysburg
article "...the camp at Andersonville, Georgia, which held Union prisoners, has become one of the most infamous in the history of war. Nearly as many men died in captivity during the Civil War as died fighting in Vietnam." I read a book about the Andersonville camp and it was a cruel, ugly, camp of death. There was no hope of ever surviving for escaping. 

I am digressing. I apologize. But then again, I don't. I think its important to know about such things. 

Last thanksgiving I wrote a short story (really short, I'd even rather call it paragraph) about the Pilgrims landing at the New World. And even though it doesn't necessarily include anything about Thanksgiving, I thought I would post it. It is after all about America, the Pilgrims, and the Mayflower. So enjoy:   

The Land of the Free

   The rough ocean wind ripped at the skirts of a young girl. She stood at the bow of a ship, her body rocking in rhythm to its movement. She was a sad picture standing there, her dress dirty and torn; her hair matted and tangled. But her face, oh her face, it was pale and haggard showing clearly what she had gone through the past two months. Indeed it was a miserable picture to look upon - one look into her eyes, however, and you forgot the rest. They were lit up with joy: brimming with happiness as she watched a stretch of land come closer in view, the ship sailing swiftly towards it.
   Thoughts of the past couple months crowded into this young girls head as she clung to the side of the ship; thoughts of sleeping in a small, dirty bunk with the ship rocking her to sleep; of the meals of wormy biscuits and dry, tough, salted beef; of times when the ship was thrown recklessly about in a storm, everyone in fear for their lives. During these
storms they would huddle in the cramped cabin room, the lantern swinging dangerously as they listened to orders being barked, the sailors working hard - giving their lives - to save the ship.
   Remembrances of sea sickness also flooded in, when more than half the passengers were in their beds groaning with pain, tossing and turning with fever, hardly knowing what was going on or how much time had passed.
And so it was the entire two months: Storm after storm, bout after bout of sea-sickness or scurvy, the repulsiveness of the filth that was on them, the sickening rocking of the ship, the cold, the wind, the fear that they would not survive this journey - everyone on board longed for the time when they would spot land. And finally they had, at last it was all over. They had reached their destination. Tears of happiness rolled down the young travelers cheeks as she sent a silent prayer up to God, thanking Him free the Land of the Free.
-Written by Evelyn 
How I admire the Pilgrims for what they did. They probably didn't know all that they were getting into, but they persevered, they trusted God to take care of them, to do what he thought was best. The the Lord blessed them for that. Let us copy their example, let us give thanks together.

Happy Thanksgiving, may the Lord bless all of your endeavors.

<3 Eva
After years of waiting... I have finally starting to read these lovely books. 
I like Aragorn. a lot.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Comparison Post - Part II; Edmund Pevensie

   Edmund is a boy of 10 when the story first opens up in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. He is removed, along with his brother and sisters, from his home to live in a boring old house with a stingy housekeeper, and an old Professor. He is a very spiteful and mean-spirited boy; he hates being told what to do and misses his father dreadfully, who is off fighting in the war. (though him missing his father is actually not part of the book.. discussed later)

The movies, in my opinion, do a very good job on portraying him. Even if he's suppose to be blond haired, not dark. But that doesn't matter that much, because I like him dark haired better. =D (but I'll try not to let my feelings get in the way with this comparison!)

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: Out of the four Pevensies his character develops the most over the course of story, starting out as a very touchy and spiteful boy. His relationship with Lucy (with all of his siblings, in fact) is very poor and weak. He looks down on her a lot, and tries to act older - as if he's above her. Even after he knows she's right in an argument he's too proud to admit it:
   "Oh Lucy, you've been dreaming." Susan replied to Lucy's second story about going to Narnia.
    "No I wasn't, I saw Mr. Tumnus again! Oh, and this time - Edmund went too." Lucy replied ending happily, turning to look at Edmund.
    Peter turned to Edmund, "You saw the faun?"
    "Well, he didn't actually go there with me." Lucy pauses looking puzzled. "What were you doing Edmund?"
   Edmund, stuttering at first then ending with a grown-up voice, replied, "I-I was just playing along. You know what little children are like these days, they just don't know when to stop pretending." He ends with a smug look at Lucy. Lucy
breaking into tears, ran crying from the room.
-The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe [the movie] (narration according to movie actions added by me)
It was very similar in the book - Edmund replying in a superior voice that 'they had only been pretending'. As the Narrator put it '.. one of the nastiest things of the story' this part was.

However, by the end of the story he has learned quite a few lessons and becomes King Edmund the Just and learns to use his knowledge for the good of things in more ways than one. The beginning of this valuable trait is when he attacks the White Witch, and tries to destroy her wand instead of her. Which is what everyone else was doing, and thus getting turned into stone. This amazing scene was in the book also, and I'm so glad they included it in the movie. As in the movie, in the book he was severely wounded and would have died if it had not been for Lucy's cordial. Such a sweet part when he regains consciousness....

So in terms of the Lion the, the Witch, and the Wardrobe I think that his character is just like the book. Though I did read this somewhere, I didn't notice it myself, but it's very true, nevertheless:
It is implied in the book that Edmund started life as a likable person, but then changed for the worse and began to act meanly after attending a new school. However, in the 2005 film adaptation of the book, it is implied that he is upset that their father was forced to serve in the war and that they are sent away from home as a result. (resource unknown)
Peter even remarks about that in the book, saying,
"You've always liked being beastly to anyone smaller than yourself," Peter says to Edmund, "we've seen that at school before now." (The Book)
Oh Edmund, I fear that school was not a good influence on you.

One of the reasons why I love Edmund so much is - I'm sure you've noticed I love this in former posts - character development. And to watch/read about Edmund going from what I just described to you (rude and stingy are the words that come to mind) to a man of wisdom and valor, is something I enjoy a lot. The soberness of his love and relationship with Aslan, especially, is extraordinary. The scene when he talks with Aslan after being rescued touches my heart, and the fact that you know very little of the conversation, but can see parts of it on Edmund's face and through Aslan's words is really amazing:

Prince Caspian: His character is done very well in the 2nd movie, even if the movie itself is very different than the book. (though I still love it so much!) =D In this one he is the 'cooler' of the two Pevensie boys, he is very down-to-earth and has a very calm attitude, unlike Caspian and Peter. He obviously learned how to use his sword during the Golden Age, and it shows in the different fights.

Both in the book and movie Edmund has a duel with Trumpkin to prove that they are, indeed, the Kings and Queens of Old. Winning it by using a twist of the sword disarming Trumpkin in a single move, drawing from the Dear Little Friend an admittance that they are 'the' royalty. He fights bravely in the Night Raid of Miraz's castle and was a main part in it, as well as in the battle with the White Witch: He was the one to aid the rest of the Narnian's in getting in into the castle, and the one to destroy the White Witch when she had Caspian and partly Peter under her spell.

However, the Night Raid of Miraz' castle was not in the book. Some may consider it an ill decision to add that since it's such a big part of the movie. But if I remember correctly, there were a couple battles in the book that they led, and lost. I know that there was a ambush on Miraz's army that Caspian led, before the Kings and Queens of old joined him, and before they make camp at Alsan's Howe, that did fail. So taking
that right there - that's very similar to the surprise attack in the movie. So while it is not specifically mentioned I think it was an important part of the movie. To show that Caspian and Peter were depending on themselves and not Aslan, which from the looks was what Caspian was trying to do in the books. (I realize the differences between the Book Caspian and Peter and the movie versions of them, but we are focusing on Edmund here!) 

The battle with the White Witch was, and wasn't in the book. Nikabrik brought two 'friends' to a council meeting with Caspian, the Badger, and the Doctor, who ended up being a Hag and a Werewolf. At one point in the council (right before they found out who the two friends really were) the werewolf said 'Draw the circle. Prepare the blue fire.'. They were very close to bringing the Witch back from the past, but Caspian realized who they were and attacked, before they could. Unfortunately in the movie, they did manage to bring her back, although before it could be completed she needed one drop of a Son of Adam's blood, which she almost got from Caspian, but Peter intervened before he could, then he almost gave it to her - however Edmund destroyed the .. ice that she was in before he could, thus destroying her. The scene was pretty close to the book, in a way. We will discuss what's different (*ahem* Peter and Caspian's attitudes) in later posts. =)

The lessons he (I'm supposed to be talking about Edmund, remember?) learned during his first visit to Narnia, were practiced in his second visit. One of them was respecting Lucy. When she tells them she saw Aslan, Edmund believes her, and consents to follow her {in the book}. Even though he can't even see Aslan - yet. In the movie he believes her and puts in a word about what happened last time he didn't believe her, but doesn't try to persuade his older siblings to try to find Aslan again. We see him using his brain a lot, which is something he didn't do, but learned in the first one :P He finds that arguing is useless and a waste of time. I love when he breaks up the argument between Caspian and Peter (after the night raid), reminding them in his single word that this is not the time (is there ever??) to be arguing and that there are injured soldiers and other things that need to be dealt with.

And so, from what I can see there's not much of a difference between the Prince Caspian Book, Edmund, and the Prince Caspian Movie, Edmund. Putting aside his age, of course. (which might put a difference in age maturity.. if you know what I mean)

When I watched the 3rd movie, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, one of my first thoughts about Edmund was 'wow, he's different than the book. He's changed!'. But lets look at a couple things here.

The Edmund in this movie seems to be a little jealous of Caspian's power, and seems easily tempted by treasure, or something that will give him power. (like the lake that will turn anything into gold) Most of this is in the book. In the book, when he finds out, and then tells Caspian, about the powers of the lake, Caspian orders everyone to keep this to themselves, saying that no one must know of this. Edmund retorts back, informing him that he's not his subject to be ordered around. Which turns into a start of a sword fight and an argument.. but (!!) Aslan appears, resulting in them going into a daze and forgetting what they were arguing about. This practically is in the movie. There are however a couple different things, such as the placement of the lake; it was among rolling green hills in the book, while in the movie it was in an underground cavern. The 2nd difference, is that in the book Aslan stopped the fight, while in the movie it was Lucy. But I was happy that they got it so close. (which seems to be really hard to do in Hollywood)

I have to say, I really like him in this one. (though everyone else seems to like him less.. but he was great in all of the movies.) His relationship with everyone is so fun to watch, especially at the end when he's on better terms with Caspian and Eustace. And to watch his relationship with Lucy go from stingy and rude, to gentle and brotherly is really sweet. It is his turn to be the older, protective brother.

There are a couple things in the general movie story-line that are different, but I already mentioned them in Lucy Pevnsie's Comparison Post. So if you would like to read about it then simply go there. =)

I think I have already talked to long on the other books, and since the only differences between the book
and movie Edmund of The Voyage I just discussed I think I shall wrap up with a similar paragraph to the one I included in Lucy's Post.

Edmund, after his 'transformation', became a very sober and wise king. He was known for handling many of Narnia's negotiations and transactions, and was most likely the 'voice of reason' as I read somewhere. We see in The Horse and His Boy that he knew how to lead battles, and was talented in fighting. And from the looks of it, he probably fought in a lot more of the minor battles compared to Peter. The dealings with the White Witch, however, and his betrayal of his siblings, haunted him the rest of his days. He often defeats the White Witch (in all three movies) and I think in a way it shows him defeating the 'traitor' part of himself, again and again as it strives to come to the surface of his character. He often expresses his shame for being a traitor, and one time said as encouragement, in the context of the the decision of whether or not to kill Rabadash: "Even a traitor may mend. I have known one who did." That right there may shed some light on why he was called King Edmund, the Just..

<3 Eva
 "Edmund was a graver and quieter man than Peter, and great in council and judgment. he was called King Edmund the Just."
-The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Graphic made by Evelyn

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday Tune

As I find music that touches my heart, I long to share it with everyone. And so will be the purpose of Tuesday Tune; sharing with you a song that has found it's own place in my heart. Please tell me what you think of this idea, if you would even be interested in it. I have not decided if I want to do it every Tuesday (I would rather not clog up my blog with music. :P), but I think it'll end up being every other week - or something along those lines.

Have Your Way, by Britt Nicole

I found Britt Nicole probably a year ago when I was trying to find someone that was Christian, yet sang with a fun more modern sound. I was tired of having the "Oh the lyrics aren't the best.. but the tune's really good!" songs. I read somewhere that if we get into that groove, then when we sing a hymn/christian song our minds are going to turn off the lyrics - which is the whole purpose of them - and only listen to the tune. That really spoke to me, and so I began a search for a Christian Artist I enjoyed - and found Britt Nicole. 
Let me tell you, I love her music. They are spunky and fun, yet others are solemn and quiet (which is a relief sometimes!), as for the lyrics they are really good! I have several favorites, but the one that I have recently found (I bought her Lost Get Found Album, its really good!) is called Have Your Way. The lyrics really touched my heart, because they are so true. I'm sure we've all felt like this sometimes, I know I have. Every word she says is so true, especially the chorus. So without further ado, I will let you listen to the song. =) Enjoy! Lyrics are in the video..

<3 Eva
Teach me Your way, O Lord;
I will walk in Your truth;
Unite my heart to dear Your name.
I will give thanks to You, O Lord my God, with all my heart,
And will glorify Your name forever.
-Psalm 86:11-12

Monday, October 28, 2013


In this life, time moves fast. It seems not to care for anyone or anything as it tears things apart, whisking us away from one place to the next. Giving us barley enough time to wipe our tears before life's problems are
once again flung at our face - hoping we have fast reflexes. And to tell the truth, a lot of us don't. The ones who haven't even live two decades yet, struggle to cope with life's challenges. Time keeps ticking and we start to become bewildered, wondering why no one ever warned us about the changes that occur when we start to grow older; about the emotions we would feel and battle with. This is the time - these are the
years where we discover and explore the world around us, where we find and train our reflexes for the things to come, where we learn and become the person we will be. And sometimes it's hard. very hard.

It is a vast world, and there are many who are still young, and still learning - trying to wipe the bewilderment from there vision; to see better the things they are battling, to understand that time . does . not . stop

<3 Eva
Lost time is never again found.
-Benjamin Franklin

Monday, October 7, 2013

An Autumn Project

When you're stuck inside watching the rain pour upon the already soaking wet ground, you begin to wonder what you're going to do all winter long. Today it didn't stop raining once, and my daily walk was pushed aside hour by hour until it got to dark to walk - all because it poured.

So instead of continuing to sit at the window, feeling like singing, 'Rain, Rain, go away, come again some other day' my sister and I decided to do a Autumn project to help with the fall decorating. And, lucky for you, I thought I would take pictures of the process so that you could do it too! Thus, I introduce to you, the pumpkin made out of left over canning rings! =)

The size of the banners forced me to make them this small. Please feel free to click this and all of the following pictures to see them up close
In the summer you can your pickles and use the canning rings to hold the sealing lid on, but the next year or the following winter, you take the rings off and they get tossed in a drawer. Then next summer they have either rusted or dented and are no longer safe to use for actual canning - you can use them every once in awhile on a jar, but for the most part your draw slowly fills up. Fills up with pretty much useless, dented, rusted, canning rings. So here is a wonderfully easy way to use them up and help decorate your house for Fall!

The suggestion we found on the internet was to use 20 rings, but to save a couple for Mother's use we used 18 instead. We now half wish we would have used 20, to fill in a couple gaps, but I really think it doesn't matter. So anywhere from 18 - 20 will work fine.

1.) Gather 18-20 rings.

You will next need a medium size of cardboard, that you can get covered in paint and not shed tears for; a paint brush, rough or smooth doesn't matter much but I like the rougher type; and orange paint. I use Acrylic Paint, it's nice for wood, and rock surfaces (we used to paint rocks with it) and I figured it would work fine on metal. The only problem I came across is, it scrapes off very easily after it's dried. I don't know if that's because we only did one layer (we wanted the textured look of the metal underneath) or if this paint was simply not made for metal. *shrugs* The scraped paint look will only add to the textured, antique look. =D I don't have any suggestions of what other paint to use, though, so I suppose you'll just have to do some research about other paint, if you would rather not use this kind. =) 

  2.) Gather together a paint brush, a section of cardboard, and orange paint.

After squirting a small amount of paint onto your cardboard (or into a paint tray, if you have one or aren't to lazy to look for the one you're sure you have somewhere) simply start painting your rings! The section of paint I have on the brush below, covered the entire outside of the ring, so not much is needed. We did one coat, as I said before, to give it a textured look, but if you would like you can do two. =) I also did not paint the inside of the ring. You won't be able to see it for the most part and it saves paint + energy + time. But again, you can do it if you would like to.

3.) Paint all of your rings

Then comes the hardest part - waiting for them to dry. =) Its so hard when you want to assemble it right then and there! I suggest you clean up everything while you wait (and do laundry, and clean the entire house.. haha, just kidding) We gave it a couple hours to dry since we had other stuff to get done so how long you wait is up to you! At least and hour would be good though. We had a piece of plastic that had been used in packaging, which we spread our rings all over to dry. You could use plastic, or cardboard whichever works. However it would be good to have something for them to be on - the paint tends to leave traces.

4.) Let all of the rings dry, until dry to the touch.

This next step we forgot to take pictures of, but it's extremely easy. Take all your rings and string them onto the string making sure they are all going in the right direction. Or in other words have the lips of the rings going in the same direction. Hopefully you know what I mean because I'm not sure how else to explain it! =) Then once you get that, tie them together very tight. As tight as you can. =) Look at the picture below real quick; I wound it about a couple times to give it more strength. And if the rings are all slightly overlapped then it works better. Oh, and if it's slightly loose, nor worries, I've got the solution to your problem. But first, step five.
5.) Tie all of your rings together very tightly using any type of string or yarn.

After they are tied together, tug and push them around until they are all evenly spread apart. Then, take two cinnamon sticks (or one if it's extra thick or if your hole is extra small - mine required two sticks) and push them gently into the center.

6.) Arrange them evenly by pulling them apart and pushing them together; gently push two cinnamon sticks into the center of your beautiful pumpkin to give it a stem!

And that is it! So simple! Put them on your table with fake leaves and candles to create a fun, artsy, and extremely cheap Fall table arrangment. 

7.) Enjoy them!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial in how to create a lovely pumpkin and how to pass a rainy day. =) I had a lot of fun doing it - even if I was deprived of my walk. 
Oh! And I was thinking of combining a bunch of fall spices (nutmeg, Cinnamon, etc) and putting it in a tool bag, and then putting it into the pumpkin, resulting into a very fall smelling pumpkin! So you could always try that. =D Candles are so cozy.

<3 Eva
It is not the ship so much as the skillful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage.
-George William Curtis

Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Reason to Smile

The other day I saw someone smiling for no apparent reason, just grinning. So I asked him, what are you smiling at? His answer?


I laughed and smiled back, but didn't give it much thought until last night. I lay on my bed looking outside (the dark quietness that reigns so beautifully during the night) thinking about, well everything, and remembered his answer. Why it came into my head I have no idea other than that the Lord put it in there. And He (God) told me (or somewhat reminded me) something: we have a choice whether to be constantly bemoaning over our world, society, government, way of living, and the sad decrease of respect of everything and everyone (and become extremely depressed in the process) or celebrate that fact that despite all of this we live, and though the world around us is degrading we have the chance to still serve the Lord. In the U.S we have a lot of privileges, and even though I really dislike
the things I listed above, it does not affect me so much that I can not live each and every day rejoicing that I am alive, admire God's creation, learn more about Christ, and strive to make everyone's day just a little bit brighter. The privileges of homeschooling and worshiping God freely, alone should be something to rejoice in and praise the Lord for.

So instead of bringing yourself to tears each night thinking about all of the bad things of the world think about all of the wonderful things of the world. All of the things that still shine for God, for indeed they are all around us if we just look. It will make your world a more cheerful place, and encourage you to make the most of your life, to live for the Christ and to have Him shine through you. So wipe those tears and smile-

Smile because you live.

<3 Eva

Friday, September 27, 2013

Little Letters; Edition I

Dear Charles Dickens, your works are so marvelous it takes my breath away. How you write so many books so differently, yet all on the same level of incredible-ness is beyond me.

Dear Friends, thank you for being so wonderful.

Dear Father Christmas, do my ears deceive me? Do I really hear your bells in the distance? Tell me its not true.

Dear Ocean, i love you. the end.

Dear Imagination, why are you so distracting? Especially during geometry, biology, and sleeping?

Dear Hugo, you are so beautiful! I must own you.

Dear 50's, why couldn't I live when you did? You're so superb, from your clothing style to your drugstore soda fountains. And that fact that Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire lived then is just to much to handle...

Dear Narnia Soundtracks, you are amazing. Thank you for being there when all other music becomes obnoxious noise in the background.

Dear Storm (my wonderful kitty), thank you for cuddling with me when I'm sick and rambling with me on my walks.

Dear November, there are so many parts of you that I'm looking forward to, but this is one of them.

Dear Sun, as much I love fall, and the rain (yes i love rain) I miss you already! I'm not used to my fingers freezing..

Dear New Words, I get so excited every time I meet one of you!

Dear Emma (2009) Soundtrack, how is it that I have not found how awesome you are until now?

<3 Eva
Credit to Rissi for the lovely idea for this post
My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living. 
-Anais Nin

Monday, September 23, 2013

Summer - it's once again leaving us

As the large drops of rain relieve the earth of its dying thirst, I sadly realize that summer is over.
Yesterday was the first day of Autumn, and summer is gone. It happened very quickly within three days Summer left, and Autumn took the stage..

Saturday was filled with laughter, and out-of-breath girls running around on the soft grass, the sun making their cheeks rosy. Then, early Sunday morning the first day of Autumn, the clouds rolled in.. and it started to drizzle. The rain happily continued to do so all throughout church and afterwards, only taking short breaks to replenish the clouds. The friends that so happily had run around outside only the day before were now content to sit inside and sing with each other. It gets dark a lot earlier than it did in those sunny memories, and by the time friends left around 8:30 (if my memory is correct) it was completely dark. Monday morning dawned way to early for my exhausted body, and I fell asleep twice while studying Biology. :P The clouds that had left us for a short while rolled back in dark and angry (I begin to wonder where they went..) later this afternoon, after piano had been practiced, and took their anger out on us; pouring non-stop until near seven in the evening, when it was content to drizzle for awhile.

The cheerful green grass is welcoming the water but looks sad all squashed to the ground from the cloud's temper tantrum.
The Maple tree wasn't sure what to think, but lost a lot of leaves during the squall, and now part of the yard is covered in bits of Fall.
The animal's yards have changed from nice, neat, and dry to wet, filthy, and muddy.
The garden has been slowly reducing to it's Autumn state, and now that it's soaked through, it's practically complete. =) Most of the plants have turned brown and died, and the ones that bravely live on produce Sunflowers and Tomatoes by the dozen, and a single Pumpkin. Thus even the colors in the garden match the fall theme - red, yellow, orange and brown.
Our slanted paved drive-way is no longer a light gray, and hot to the touch but has turned to a menacing black, little rivers of water running down it intertwining with each other, and all pooling at the bottom to create a large stream running into the grass to join the puddles already there.
The house has taken on a different feel also, we no longer have the windows wide open letting in the cool breeze to sooth our hot cheeks, the couch seems more welcoming and it's cozy to be engulfed by the large cushions. The fall decorations have gone up and the summer ones take down; the vases of sweet peas are no longer scattered over the house but hold bold sunflowers that tower on the bookshelves.
My room is cozier than it was before and my little den-under-the-loft is no longer stuffy and hot, but warm and welcoming. The mini lamp gives off a yellow glow and lights up my music listening shelf, that is lined with speakers, a mini dictionary, cds, and a chalk board that says 'don't dream your life away, live your dreams'. My drawing shelf beckons to cozy up and create stories contained in one
scene, and my books beckon to enter into different worlds; to join Oliver in London, the Pevensies in Narnia, Anne in Avonlea, Cathrine in Bath, the March girls in... where ever they lived, since we don't know for sure. All of these characters and places are dear to my heart and their stories line my shelf waiting for their turn to be read again. Beside me my cork board hangs, holding my calender that shows September is nearing it's end, holding a drawing of a girl and an old fashioned letter with my name scrawled out in cursive on it, and beneath it is pinned a smiling face of a cartoon monkey - a little out of place but cute all the same.

All of this sourronds me on the second day of Autumn, all of this has taken on a different feel that gets me excited for Fall,

and hot apple cider,

and crisp cold walks,

and big coats,

and thick scarves,

and leaves crunching underfoot,

and the misty look of the air when you talk,

and cozy nights full of reading,

and writing,

and friends & laughter,

and my brithday,

and thanksgiving,

and everything these three months before winter hold in store for us. Each season has a different joy for me, but Autumn is one I love so much. As a result I will cherish each and every day of it..

What about you, are you excited for Autumn? Is the atmosphere changing around your neck of the woods too?

Enjoy the beginning of the change from Summer to fall - or the drastic change not unlike what I experienced this weekend.

<3 Eva
Happy Birthday to my sweet older sister! Click the picture above to go to her blog.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Today in everyone's heart is the painful remembrance of what happened 12 years ago this Wednesday. As I listened to the story of a survivor of 9/11 earlier today, I was close to tears. Listening to this man relate what he saw, felt and experienced was just so heartbreaking. 2,996 people died in this tragedy. What a large number, what a painful number. These people will forever be in our hearts, and I hope that their families will forever be in our prayers.
<3 Eva
And this be our motto: "In God is our trust"
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!
-Last part of the National Anthem

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Love, Eva

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Summer is almost gone!! *screams* Wow. It like.. just started! Next thing you know it'll be fall.. and then Christmas!

Anyway, just wanted to drop in and say I did a new post on my other blog, A Wisp of Time. The post is a mix between pictures and bits of my summer, and I thought maybe you would enjoy looking that over... =) Click the picture to go to it. =D

What about your summer? How did it go? (fast? yea, mine too..)

Hawaiian ice!!
<3 Eva

Monday, August 19, 2013

A Tale as Old as Time

Certain as the sun
Rising in the East
Tale as old as time
Song as old as rhyme
 Beauty and the Beast

The rhyme above is from the classic Disney version of Beauty and the Beast. I have actually never seen it, but love this part of the one of the songs, and thought it did well for the post. =)

In way, the Beauty and the Beast story is as old as time. Not the popular fairy tale, but the story of two unlikely people falling in love, and becoming beautiful in each other's eyes, even if they are not.

The concept of a girl falling in love with a beast, and even going to the point of becoming engaged to
him, can sound a little.. strange. I admit I even thought it was a little strange when I was younger, and never having watched the Disney movie I displayed no interest in getting to know the fairy tale better. But once you think about it, it is a very sweet story. And so I found out when I read a book entitled, Beauty.

Beauty is a very well done retelling of Beauty and the Beast written by Robin Mckinley. I think that if I did not like this story before, that I would quickly change to the polar opposite. =) (hopefully that's a correct phrase, I really don't know... or care for that matter. lol) Despite the fact that it has magic in it, it puts the fairy tale into a realistic point of view.
Honour Huston, stuck with the nickname Beauty since childhood, lives in a normal world with no magic. But when her Father's merchant ships are all lost at sea the family becomes destitute, and is forced to move to the country. In a little house outside of a small town, the Huston's start life over fighting to survive. A year passes, and the family is starting to adapt to their new lives, when a sudden business journey takes Mr. Houston back to their old town. The family is surprised when he returns distressed at an event that occurred on his journey home. With a heavy heart he displays a single rose, and tells that he made a promise to an ugly beast, owner of the rose bushes, that he would send the required payment for it. That payment was his daughter... Thus Beauty, not wanting her father to break his promise, travels through the enchanted forest to live in the castle owned by a beast. For how long she does not know...

Beauty is one of my favorite literary heroines, she's very funny and courageous, but enough fear of this terrifying beast to make her feminine. It's a pleasure to watch as she learns to trust the Beast and get to know him, and to learn that looks aren't everything; to find out that this lonely old Beast has a heart under that terrifying mask.

As for the Beast, I don't have many words for. But hold it! That's a good thing. =) He's so intricate and complicated that he's hard to describe. Since the book is looking from Beauty's perspective, (in fact, she is telling you the story herself) you also fear the Beast and his enormous castle that magically does things. So as Beauty learns things about him, so do you. It's such a sad story, and you feel so very sorry for him as the book goes on.

One of the things I love about this book, is the amount of descriptions. With fairy tales you don't get much of that, so to have the castle, the garden, the stables, all of it described in great detail is like.. like... i don't know what. It's as if the story finally got full justice. =) The Beast is also very well done. I personally think we should leave him at 'beast', we don't need 'he looked half lion half wolf',
or anything like that. Leave it to your imagination, what ever you think is scary and terrifying, then that is he. I can't remember how the Author really described him, I just know that I wasn't pressed to figure out what he looked like. He was a scary beast, with emotional eyes.. almost human eyes. That's what I remember. =) Eyes are literally 'windows of the soul', so though the Beast no longer has human facial expressions his eyes show all of the emotion he is going through: Pain, sadness, surprise, and of course, Love. =)  

When Beauty first comes to live at the Castle, she is extremely home sick. And most of the book she is waiting, sometimes patiently other times not, to return home. When she finds out that she is never to return she is in shock. To find out that she would never return to her family, her home? That she would be stuck in this castle with the Beast for the rest of her life? To find this out broke her heart, and to tell you the truth she fainted. However, when the Beast finally lets her go on a short trip to visit her family for the last time (*sob*) she finds that she misses the Beast. And when her family makes comments about how cruel the Beast is to keep Beauty for the rest of her life, she finds herself defending him. In all, the journey home revealed a feeling she did not know existed... could she really love the Beast?

I highly suggest you read this book, whether you love the story tale or not it reveals something that everyone should learn.
Underlying the events of the story is the revelation that beauty lies within a person, and is not a matter of mere physical appearance. (-unknown)
<3 Eva
 "He cannot be so bad if he loves roses so much."
"But he is a Beast," said Father helplessly.
I saw that he was weakening, and wishing only to comfort him I said, "Cannot a Beast be tamed?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Something missing in movies of late?

Yesterday riding in the car, I passed by a cinema. Very typical thing to do, and it was a very typical cinema, but what was even more typical were the movies playing in it. . .

The big billboard flashed by the window displaying the list of movies playing that week, or that month, but either way, Man of Steel! ... Star Trek; In to the Darkness! … The Lone Ranger! Those were really the only ones I saw, or should I say recognized, as the car sped past. Seeing the names got me thinking about these movies. Mmm, Lone Ranger, heard it was going to be pretty pathetic, might end up a ‘bomb’. (Which isn’t a good thing, btw) Star Trek, *shrugs* haven’t seen the first one though I heard the second one was amazing. Maybe I’ll watch it someday. Man of Steel, ah another Superhero movie. =) Though… I did hear that it had a really good story line, and oh! It actually focused on it! I confess I really want to watch this.

Now, I try not to be obsessed with movies. My parents have warned me time and time again about my world evolving around movies and actors/actresses. I have tried hard not to talk about movies as much as I used to, not to feel irritated when my friend knew some movie fact that I didn’t. And it’s helped, I think – no I know that I have become a lot better in my amount of thoughts about movies. It’s not wrong to like watching movies, but I think there comes a point where you can like it too much. =)

But I think there’s something that a lot of people have noticed, whether they’re obsessed with movies or not. What is that something? Most (I won’t say all...) movie directors have gotten lazy. Now part of that is our problem, the population of people has gotten to a point where they are pleased with 2 hours of action and (most of the time) romance with a 5 minute story line tossed in there. So (this is speculation, but I think it’s pretty good)  the directors, noticing this, figured why go through all this effort to make an amazing story line when they’ll be just as happy with a 2-hour action flick? But whoa! Hold it. Did I not say most directors? I know that there are movies out there that do have amazing story lines that twist your mind until you have the strange feeling of trying to grasp something right beyond your reach. I also know that there’s people out there who appreciate good story lines and don’t feel satisfied at the end of an action flick. And I confess I am one of them. I like action... and yes, I sometimes (I’ve been working on not making that all the time) even like the romance, but I also like it evenly and well balanced with a good story. To have them hurriedly shove
a couple facts in your face at the beginning of a movie before they start the action sequences is not pleasant. What’s even more unpleasant is when they quickly add the end of the story before the close of the movie.

Another thing that goes along with good story line is character development. In one sense there still is a lot of character development in the action flicks. Guy’s a jerk and becomes a better person in the end. Stuff like that. But I’m talking deeper than that. I know that you can’t get deep in every movie, but maybe just a little deeper than typical stuff?

Several months ago I watched a movie that was one of my Papa’s favorite, but unfortunately seemed unpopular amongst everyone else. But I knew that if Papa liked it, so would I. So my sister and I watched it, and I have to admit I quite loved it. I thought it was pretty well made for the amount of special affects they had back then. (haha, back then. It was made in 2000) Months later I decided to watch a remake of the same movie that had been released just a couple months before I watched the original. I wasn’t expecting a lot; to me the old one was always the better one. But a friend of mine really liked (even better than the old one. Ha, traitor) so I figured I should give it a try, I’m sure the special effects would be better. =) I was right, they were. But after I finished I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Why hadn’t I liked it as much? It seemed like a wonderfully made movie! Comparing the two movies showed me something, the amount of character development between the two movies was drastically different. Though you don’t notice it at first, in the remake there’s a lot more action and less focus on the characters’ lives. In the original movie they had managed to make me attached to the characters, to feel as if I knew them, to laugh when they laughed and to cry when they couldn’t be together at the end. In the new version I found myself very distant from the characters and at the end when they couldn’t be together (similar story line) I was a little sad but mostly I felt just kind of ‘oh that’s too bad, you can’t be together’. Shrug of the shoulders, you know. And there was a lot more action! Though... I don’t remember there being any lack of action in the original? On the other hand I liked the acting; they did really well with the characters they were portraying. I just wish, really, that I knew them (the characters) better. =) So in a time of 13 years we have become amazing at CGI but worse with our story lines. Really? I find it sad that the movies with the good story lines and character development are the ones that are less popular. . . Though, my friend, I find those movies are very few.
I don’t want to be stingy, I don’t want to criticize every movie I watch, to try to find something wrong with each of them. I just want to enjoy the movie. I know that it’s not nice when someone has something wrong with every movie they watch, or with every actor they discuss. Or have such strong opinions about movies that they’re not open to changing to their opinions about them or even to just not caring; it’s either hate it or love it. I mean come on, it’s a movie. They’re Hollywood stars, and I can bet you that 1, you will never meet them, and 2, that if you don’t really know what you think about their acting it won’t affect your life. On the other hand, it can affect your life (a lot in fact) if you care too much about what you think about actors and their acting.

I’m sorry, am I preaching again? Forgive me. It’s just that, when I go through a struggle I feel like warning people, to save them from having to go through the same thing. =)

So, what do you think? Do you agree, have movie directors become lazy, and have we (or at least other people) become, sadly enough, pleased with just action, romance, and 5 minute story lines?   

<3 Eva