Wednesday, May 27, 2015

// floating ideas //

sometimes my mind goes interstellar. 

and i struggle through muddy darkness while i grope to find the means to acquire it back.

|| -eva ||

hello my dear lovely readers!

or if that's too sappy for you:

hey bro.

in the next week, or two, depending on how often words flow through my fingers, i will have reached a milestone.

one-hundred posts on this little notebook of mine.


it's insane really. 

i have a lot of ideas for how to honor this occasion, 

and one includes you.

indeed, i am doing a questions + answer.

therefore, if you so desire, 

leave a comment with a couple questions that you would like me to answer.

i'm thinking the post with the answers will be posted in about two weeks,

so you've got time to think up some questions. 

or not if you don't want to.

or, if you have any ideas for something you'd love me to.. do? comment below.


its your turn.

<3 eva
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"but when they laugh, you can see the world in their eyes."
markus zusak // via pinterest

Sunday, May 24, 2015

// you who live //

be the one.

be the one to go the extra mile, 

to smile at the stranger,

at the human that rubs you the wrong.

be the one to make someone's day by doing something special,

to show,

that you care. 

that you think about them when you're not required to.

be the one to make a difference,

in the smalls things,

in the big things,

be all there, looking for things to go above and beyond.

be the one who thinks about the big picture,

who goes past themselves and serves others.

be the one who lives for Jesus,

and who is known by Him.

be the one who lives with open hands,

ready for anything to happen. 

be the one who lives with dreams and goals,

who looks for opportunities in mundane life. 

be the one who is out of breath from living 

so darn hard

be the one who dances,

who loves,

who has compassion,

who sparkles with passion,

who goes 


be. the. one.

<3 eva
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"ask yourself: if not me, WHO? if not now, WHEN?"
emma watson // via pinterest

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

// fervor //

remember that reckless beauty i was talking about?

<3 eva
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"but for now, we are young;
let us lay in the sun and count ever beautiful thing we can see."
unknown // via pinterest

Monday, May 18, 2015

// breaking free //

these are words of fright:

these are words of the night.

when i lay there in the dark,

after the pass of the light,

and my flesh crawls out and sits before me

like the lord of the flies saying,

"you know what you have to do"

i want to shout,

i want to scream,

i want to sob like a broken child.


this is the flesh talking,

this is my inner self, the sin coated monster,


i don't have to listen to it,

i don't have to obey its every whim, desire,

or command.

because i belong to one of a higher calling.


and He calls me to look at Him.

to think on things holier than those ugly, selfish thoughts 

sitting before me with filthy grins. 

be gone with you,

you pig.

and good riddance. 

<3 eva
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"i'm thinking too much, help me."
twenty one pilots // ride // via 

Monday, May 11, 2015

// vibrations //

the essence of summer

is when you remove your shoes.

your toes wiggle in the fresh cut grass, 

you feel the breeze on your skin, 

refreshing your wintered feet.

as you run over the stones and sticks,

you feel the earth mold into the arch of your foot,

and you read the story of the earth,

as you trip through its holes.

it is said that the the quickest way to spread something throughout the body,

through every highway of blood,

every vessel of the precious liquid,

is to go through the feet.

and it is my belief that we feel the serenity and peace,

the vibrations of nature,

and the life that God has infused in this world,


when we toss the shoes aside,

and trod this earth with barefeet

<3 eva
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"collect beautiful moments"
unknown // via pinterest

Saturday, May 9, 2015

// burning blood //

i love reckless beauty.

i love passion surging through human veins,

breaking through the skin and shining from the face

like a beam straight from the heart. 

a wind from the soul,

a breathless laughter and smiling eyes;

life exploding from their movements,

like they can't stand still

because life is just too incredible not to grasp 

with both hands

<3 eva
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"don't die with your song still inside of you"
unknown // via pinterest

Monday, May 4, 2015

// gentle strength //

in a world where feminism is very much promoted, i find myself asking questions.

what about feminism do i approve of?

and what about feminism do i not approve of?

there's so many different aspects to feminism that its hard to figure out what you agree with.

and to be honest, i know next to nothing about feminism.

i don't pursue it, 
i don't go out of my way to read about it and get my facts straight.

because my view of women come from the Bible,

where everyone is treated equal.

but its hard not to notice: its everywhere.

i suppose you could say i'm for feminism,

i am for gender equality.

i am for women being treated with the respect.

i am for women being paid the salary they deserve.

and when i listened to emma watson's speech, 

i realized i agreed.

the HEforSHE campaign is not just about women's rights,

but human rights.

its about being allowed to be vulnerable, to show you are human and that you do struggle,

and its about being allowed to be strong. to be a leader, regardless of your gender. 

to be acknowledged for your hard work, for your ability to act smartly and wisely.

at one point in her speech emma said:
"If we stop defining each other by what we are not, and start defining ourselves by who we are, we can all be freer, and this is what HeForShe is about. It’s about freedom."
-emma watson
its about freedom


free to be who we are, what we are. 

 i am not for anti-men feminism, i am not for arrogant feminism;

where we would deny who we were created to be.

we are women.

strong yes, but gentle and beautiful.

we are blessed with the strength to run a household in a skirt,

and we can use that strength in any area of life.

. . 

i am for gender equality. 

for treating everyone as the humans they are.

God gave men and women different roles, 

but not different levels of importance.

"the great acts of love are done by those
 who are habitually preforming small acts of kindness"
victor hugo // via pinterest