Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Reason to Smile

The other day I saw someone smiling for no apparent reason, just grinning. So I asked him, what are you smiling at? His answer?


I laughed and smiled back, but didn't give it much thought until last night. I lay on my bed looking outside (the dark quietness that reigns so beautifully during the night) thinking about, well everything, and remembered his answer. Why it came into my head I have no idea other than that the Lord put it in there. And He (God) told me (or somewhat reminded me) something: we have a choice whether to be constantly bemoaning over our world, society, government, way of living, and the sad decrease of respect of everything and everyone (and become extremely depressed in the process) or celebrate that fact that despite all of this we live, and though the world around us is degrading we have the chance to still serve the Lord. In the U.S we have a lot of privileges, and even though I really dislike
the things I listed above, it does not affect me so much that I can not live each and every day rejoicing that I am alive, admire God's creation, learn more about Christ, and strive to make everyone's day just a little bit brighter. The privileges of homeschooling and worshiping God freely, alone should be something to rejoice in and praise the Lord for.

So instead of bringing yourself to tears each night thinking about all of the bad things of the world think about all of the wonderful things of the world. All of the things that still shine for God, for indeed they are all around us if we just look. It will make your world a more cheerful place, and encourage you to make the most of your life, to live for the Christ and to have Him shine through you. So wipe those tears and smile-

Smile because you live.

<3 Eva


  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing!
    ~Grace Anna

  2. Love this heartfelt post. So lovely! :)


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