Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Holiday Season - relaxing, or stressful?

Wow, I'm so sorry for lack of posts. My poor blog has been greatly neglected lately, and I apologizes! While I haven't been incredibly busy, blog posts certainly haven't been top priority. It's strange to have December go so fast, and to feel the panic when I worry I won't get Christmas shopping (or just other holiday things) done in time. I remember when it seemed to take forever for Christmas to get here, and every day was like a century. Wonderful centuries, yes, because after all it was Christmas season, and Grandparents were coming. But now, it's hard to slow down, to take a breath, and enjoy this month of celebration. I'm constantly thinking of the things that need to be done, thinking about the next day, about next week, about Christmas, about New Years.

Adds everywhere are shouting at you to get last minute deals, get your Christmas shopping done, to do this, and that, and oh, don't forget about this!! But I want to remind you, this is Christmas! This is a time to enjoy family and friends, to sit back and forget about the worries and cares of the world, to focus on the most wonderful and amazing gift anyone has ever given you: The gift of Salvation.

It's easy to get wrapped up in everything and to forget what Christmas is really about. So please, don't forget. Please don't lose the focus on God this Christmas season and the incredible gift of his son that he sent to this dead and dying world. And besides that, just enjoy this holiday season! Remember to stop and enjoy the moment you're living. "Smell the roses" as it is often put.

One last thing. I don't know if you've watched 'A Charlie Brown Christmas', or if you've heard this clip on the radio, but I thought I would share it anyway. Every time I hear it on the radio it calms me down and rings a little reminder to focus on 'what Christmas is all about'.

I'm sorry it's low quality, I was having problems uploading the video to blogger and this was the only video that worked. Low quality, and it goes past the end of this speech. (just a wee bit) Oh well.. enjoy. :)

Merry Christmas!!!
<3 Eva
P.s I'll hopefully be posting more often.... =) Sorry again for lack of posts.


  1. I've missed your posts.
    Thanks for the timely reminder.

    1. Aw thanks, I miss posting - I really enjoy it.


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