Friday, September 27, 2013

Little Letters; Edition I

Dear Charles Dickens, your works are so marvelous it takes my breath away. How you write so many books so differently, yet all on the same level of incredible-ness is beyond me.

Dear Friends, thank you for being so wonderful.

Dear Father Christmas, do my ears deceive me? Do I really hear your bells in the distance? Tell me its not true.

Dear Ocean, i love you. the end.

Dear Imagination, why are you so distracting? Especially during geometry, biology, and sleeping?

Dear Hugo, you are so beautiful! I must own you.

Dear 50's, why couldn't I live when you did? You're so superb, from your clothing style to your drugstore soda fountains. And that fact that Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire lived then is just to much to handle...

Dear Narnia Soundtracks, you are amazing. Thank you for being there when all other music becomes obnoxious noise in the background.

Dear Storm (my wonderful kitty), thank you for cuddling with me when I'm sick and rambling with me on my walks.

Dear November, there are so many parts of you that I'm looking forward to, but this is one of them.

Dear Sun, as much I love fall, and the rain (yes i love rain) I miss you already! I'm not used to my fingers freezing..

Dear New Words, I get so excited every time I meet one of you!

Dear Emma (2009) Soundtrack, how is it that I have not found how awesome you are until now?

<3 Eva
Credit to Rissi for the lovely idea for this post
My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living. 
-Anais Nin


  1. Hugo was such a good movie! It does have such a beautiful cover!
    ~Grace Anna

    1. It was! Gorgeous in every way!

      I think I had the wrong picture link in the word 'beautiful' so hopefully you viewed it after I fixed it. :P if not, you should go and look at the correct picture. =)

  2. Great post, Evelyn! Love that "Dear Father" Christmas letter - it IS a shock how close we are to that holiday.

    Glad you joined in - this was fun.

    PS: Your photo at the end is gorgeous! Love it very much.

    1. Thank you! And thank you also for the inspiration! I love it when people invite them to join in the fun.

      Yes, Christmas is *way* to close! But.. Thanksgiving first!

      Aw thanks, gotta love Pinterest! It's one of my favorite finds, too. =)

  3. I loved this post. You express yourself well and quite creatively.

    1. Thank you so so much, that is something I strive for - expressing myself clearly and creatively. The former of the two is often harder than it sounds. =)


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