Monday, September 23, 2013

Summer - it's once again leaving us

As the large drops of rain relieve the earth of its dying thirst, I sadly realize that summer is over.
Yesterday was the first day of Autumn, and summer is gone. It happened very quickly within three days Summer left, and Autumn took the stage..

Saturday was filled with laughter, and out-of-breath girls running around on the soft grass, the sun making their cheeks rosy. Then, early Sunday morning the first day of Autumn, the clouds rolled in.. and it started to drizzle. The rain happily continued to do so all throughout church and afterwards, only taking short breaks to replenish the clouds. The friends that so happily had run around outside only the day before were now content to sit inside and sing with each other. It gets dark a lot earlier than it did in those sunny memories, and by the time friends left around 8:30 (if my memory is correct) it was completely dark. Monday morning dawned way to early for my exhausted body, and I fell asleep twice while studying Biology. :P The clouds that had left us for a short while rolled back in dark and angry (I begin to wonder where they went..) later this afternoon, after piano had been practiced, and took their anger out on us; pouring non-stop until near seven in the evening, when it was content to drizzle for awhile.

The cheerful green grass is welcoming the water but looks sad all squashed to the ground from the cloud's temper tantrum.
The Maple tree wasn't sure what to think, but lost a lot of leaves during the squall, and now part of the yard is covered in bits of Fall.
The animal's yards have changed from nice, neat, and dry to wet, filthy, and muddy.
The garden has been slowly reducing to it's Autumn state, and now that it's soaked through, it's practically complete. =) Most of the plants have turned brown and died, and the ones that bravely live on produce Sunflowers and Tomatoes by the dozen, and a single Pumpkin. Thus even the colors in the garden match the fall theme - red, yellow, orange and brown.
Our slanted paved drive-way is no longer a light gray, and hot to the touch but has turned to a menacing black, little rivers of water running down it intertwining with each other, and all pooling at the bottom to create a large stream running into the grass to join the puddles already there.
The house has taken on a different feel also, we no longer have the windows wide open letting in the cool breeze to sooth our hot cheeks, the couch seems more welcoming and it's cozy to be engulfed by the large cushions. The fall decorations have gone up and the summer ones take down; the vases of sweet peas are no longer scattered over the house but hold bold sunflowers that tower on the bookshelves.
My room is cozier than it was before and my little den-under-the-loft is no longer stuffy and hot, but warm and welcoming. The mini lamp gives off a yellow glow and lights up my music listening shelf, that is lined with speakers, a mini dictionary, cds, and a chalk board that says 'don't dream your life away, live your dreams'. My drawing shelf beckons to cozy up and create stories contained in one
scene, and my books beckon to enter into different worlds; to join Oliver in London, the Pevensies in Narnia, Anne in Avonlea, Cathrine in Bath, the March girls in... where ever they lived, since we don't know for sure. All of these characters and places are dear to my heart and their stories line my shelf waiting for their turn to be read again. Beside me my cork board hangs, holding my calender that shows September is nearing it's end, holding a drawing of a girl and an old fashioned letter with my name scrawled out in cursive on it, and beneath it is pinned a smiling face of a cartoon monkey - a little out of place but cute all the same.

All of this sourronds me on the second day of Autumn, all of this has taken on a different feel that gets me excited for Fall,

and hot apple cider,

and crisp cold walks,

and big coats,

and thick scarves,

and leaves crunching underfoot,

and the misty look of the air when you talk,

and cozy nights full of reading,

and writing,

and friends & laughter,

and my brithday,

and thanksgiving,

and everything these three months before winter hold in store for us. Each season has a different joy for me, but Autumn is one I love so much. As a result I will cherish each and every day of it..

What about you, are you excited for Autumn? Is the atmosphere changing around your neck of the woods too?

Enjoy the beginning of the change from Summer to fall - or the drastic change not unlike what I experienced this weekend.

<3 Eva
Happy Birthday to my sweet older sister! Click the picture above to go to her blog.


  1. It's so nice to *meet* another fellow Narnian! :D
    ~Grace Anna

    1. It is for me to! It's somewhat rare now n days. :P

  2. good post Eva :) I'm glad I'm not the only one that falls asleep while doing biology :D
    summer here hasn't quite turned into fall yet, but it has been a bit cooler (70s at the lowest right now) in the mornings, its still warm during the middle of the day (90-102-ish) I will email you soon. :)

    1. Thank you. =) Biology can be very interesting.. but when I'm tired it's not interesting enough to keep me awake. :P
      70 is a bit cooler? Oh Gavriel you're funny. 70-80 is our summer! =D Though I suppose where you live it doesn't get that cold even in the winter!

  3. Eva! =D I am finally commenting on your blog...
    Anyway, I love this post. <3 It encapsulates everything I love about fall... Spring is forever and always my favorite season, but when the first rains come and summer is only a few days into memory, everything smells so fresh and beautiful! Like Christmas is coming and pine trees and evenings cuddled up around the fire. =o)
    Well, off to finish my email to you!
    ~Lizzie C.

    1. Lizzie! Yay, it's exciting to have you a part of the blog! =)

      Thank you so much. =) I wasn't quite sure what I was writing that night, pretty much whatever was on my heart. I find that those are my favorite posts to read, however, so I figured it might turn out fairly nice. :) And it seems it did..

      It has been extremely wet here lately, and everything is certainly fresh! It's almost nice to not have the dryness and dust everywhere. =)


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