Monday, October 28, 2013


In this life, time moves fast. It seems not to care for anyone or anything as it tears things apart, whisking us away from one place to the next. Giving us barley enough time to wipe our tears before life's problems are
once again flung at our face - hoping we have fast reflexes. And to tell the truth, a lot of us don't. The ones who haven't even live two decades yet, struggle to cope with life's challenges. Time keeps ticking and we start to become bewildered, wondering why no one ever warned us about the changes that occur when we start to grow older; about the emotions we would feel and battle with. This is the time - these are the
years where we discover and explore the world around us, where we find and train our reflexes for the things to come, where we learn and become the person we will be. And sometimes it's hard. very hard.

It is a vast world, and there are many who are still young, and still learning - trying to wipe the bewilderment from there vision; to see better the things they are battling, to understand that time . does . not . stop

<3 Eva
Lost time is never again found.
-Benjamin Franklin

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