Sunday, May 24, 2015

// you who live //

be the one.

be the one to go the extra mile, 

to smile at the stranger,

at the human that rubs you the wrong.

be the one to make someone's day by doing something special,

to show,

that you care. 

that you think about them when you're not required to.

be the one to make a difference,

in the smalls things,

in the big things,

be all there, looking for things to go above and beyond.

be the one who thinks about the big picture,

who goes past themselves and serves others.

be the one who lives for Jesus,

and who is known by Him.

be the one who lives with open hands,

ready for anything to happen. 

be the one who lives with dreams and goals,

who looks for opportunities in mundane life. 

be the one who is out of breath from living 

so darn hard

be the one who dances,

who loves,

who has compassion,

who sparkles with passion,

who goes 


be. the. one.

<3 eva
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"ask yourself: if not me, WHO? if not now, WHEN?"
emma watson // via pinterest


  1. Love. Don't just live for one moment, but every single one. And always live for Today. ;D

  2. { out of breath from living }

    i love this

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your heart, Evelyn; this is a message that our world needs to hear more. Also A+ use of an Emma Watson one-liner. Love her:)

    Chloe | Curious Ramblings


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