Monday, May 11, 2015

// vibrations //

the essence of summer

is when you remove your shoes.

your toes wiggle in the fresh cut grass, 

you feel the breeze on your skin, 

refreshing your wintered feet.

as you run over the stones and sticks,

you feel the earth mold into the arch of your foot,

and you read the story of the earth,

as you trip through its holes.

it is said that the the quickest way to spread something throughout the body,

through every highway of blood,

every vessel of the precious liquid,

is to go through the feet.

and it is my belief that we feel the serenity and peace,

the vibrations of nature,

and the life that God has infused in this world,


when we toss the shoes aside,

and trod this earth with barefeet

<3 eva
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  1. Lovely imagery in this. <3

  2. AHHHHHHHH. YES YES YES. You are an amazing writer. Oh man. I know all of this. ♥♥♥

  3. Feet that feel the rush of salt water and then the sand slipping back into the sea... that spells summer to me.
    She's almost here! :-)

  4. This... is absolutely gorgeous. I love the vibe of everything through the perspective of your feet. <3 I know that feeling of the earth molding to the shape of your foot -- it's so beautiful, isn't it? This is awesome.


  5. yes. summer is coming here too. barefoot is the only way know how to live my life during the summer and this illustrates that in a much more beautiful way than I ever could. so lovely.


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