Sunday, March 20, 2016


Spinning, spinning, forever.

Blackness envelops me, I see nothing but stars.

There are others around me....

but they seem so far away.

I think, I hope that perhaps they are like me, that they might relate to me;

but when I look closer I find they cannot;

they are so very different than I.

I feel the heavy weight of responsibility,

resting on me, the lives of the people.

I see the brightness of my life, but there is always a part of me hidden.

Hidden in the dark, with only one friend for company: 

the friend who is more faithful than anyone I've ever met.

Sometimes I lose sight of why I do what I do,

I often feel that I work in circles, 


forever and a day.

But I go forth, into the dark

continuing my mission.

For even if I don't know the reason,

I know there is one.

I am the Earth.

<3 Eva
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Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen.
Do not be afraid.

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  1. HOLY BUCKETS EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS JUST HIT ME IN THE HEART OKAY. wow. So first I read this post like it was about me. And then I went back and read it like it was about the earth. and then I went back again and read it like it was me AND BASICALLY WOW. ♥ I can relate so much to this i can't even speak rn

    beautiful. ♥

    abbiee @ the music blog

  2. I absolutely LOVE your bio tag line. All I can say is, "YES!"

  3. I just found your blog and love it so much!! You got a new follower. :)

    Can't wait for more of your posts!


    1. Aw thanks for commenting and following, Hannah! It means a lot. :) I hope you'll enjoy future posts and your visits here.



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