Saturday, November 21, 2015

// relax + read //

| we're so small and so lost and so loved. 
God is so close. 
why do we resist Him? 
"He will fight for you- you need only be still." |
-olivia // summer of 1999

one of my favorites bloggers, olivia, {author of the words above}
has awarded me with the liebster award. 
most of the time i'm terrible with answering questions from awards
{my apologies to all those who have awarded me and i never posted about}
but it just so happened i needed to relax and thought i'd answer them.

cuz why not right?

>> who is your favorite teacher you've had so far and why? <<

my mother is the only teacher i've ever had.
{besides my amazing father and Savior who have 
contributed in my education in so many other ways}
she's my favorite because she's incredible at teaching when the textbooks
have no idea what they're talking about. 
and she takes no nonsense. 

>> what do you do to destress? <<

browsing pinterest or reading while laying on my comfy bed
or curled up like a cat on the couch,
is a typical de-stressing period for me. :)
chill spotify playlists are also wonderful. <3

>> what is the first book you remember reading? or if you could choose one children's book to read to your child which would it be? <<

oh wow. mmmm, i'm going to go with first chapter book for this question, 
which would probably be little house in the big woods. 
the entire series is one i love very much,
and would love to see my future children reading them.

>> what is the last item you purchased? <<

um.... *thinking*... it would seem my last purchase was a plant.
haha, yeah, surprise, surprise, right?
{i'm just a little obsessed with plants}

>> when and how does your family first begin to celebrate Christmas (if you do)? <<

the entire month of december is pretty much a giant christmas celebration, to be honest.
we start with thanksgiving day where we blast christmas music, and plan gift shopping. 
the day after thanksgiving the house is covered in glitter, greenery, and twinkle lights.
then comes all the parties, cookie exchanges, gingerbread house decorating, etc. 
days are filled with gift-making, gift-buying, and christmas cheers. 
{and laughter - the best part}
nights are filled with christmas movies, and snug family time.
by the week of christmas the hype has reached its point. the trees decked out with lights, 
and gifts beneath its boughs.
my grandparents spend of the week of christmas here with us, 
so early christmas morning, we all meet in the living room and
 read The Christmas Story before diving into all the presents that have been 
so thoughtfully planned out for each person.

>> if you could choose to have any color hair, what would it be? <<

honestly, i love having dark brown hair and i don't know if i *want* any other hair color?
i would love blond highlights, {and i sorta already do} but that's not a solid other color.

>> favorite movie that has come out in the last year (or two, whatevs)? <<

probably interstellar. everything about that movie is spectacular.
including its name. it means: between the stars.
also i'm a nerd who loves space, science, and problem solving so what the heck?

>> favorite book of the bible and short bit on why? <<

gah. such a hard question. 
but i have to say ecclesiastes, its such a beautiful book.
and honestly, a lot of people don't seem to get it. 
its like... the whole bible wrapped up in one book:
life is pointless without God.
{i wrote a more detailed post about it here}

>> what time do you usually go to sleep and wake up (psh what even is a sleep schedule)? <<

a sleep schedule is something we dream about. 
haha, that was a pun. i'm so hilarious, am i not?
i normally go to bed between 10:30 and 11pm. i should try to got to bed earlier, but 
it never happens. 
as for wake up time, 7am is the norm.
my goal is eventually to work up to 6:00, but that hasn't happened yet.
cheers to goals though!

>> which Disney princess do you want to be when you grow up (because we all know this is an important decision that we're going to have to make at some point in our lives)? <<

rapunzle. because just wow. such a love for life.

>> well, i thought that i only had to come up with ten questions and i was happy with that last question being my last one, but then i realized i had to do eleven. soooo. do you like to color with crayons, markers, or colored pencils? <<

colored pencils mostly. but crayons are a blast (especially on that little kid's coloring page).

>> BONUS: why are all these questions so child-ish?????? <<

because childhood has a sense of innocence to it, 
and sometimes we just need a of splash child-ish innocence.

i don't have time to award other beautiful peeps, so i'm sorry if i just broke half the rules. 
but hey - i answered the questions, and now i'll list eleven random facts about myself. =)

- i love people
- i'm a computer nerd, and just might get to be one officially.
- i think i might have just burn my skin from washing my hands in too hot water.
like seriously. its been over 10 minutes and it still hurts. 
- i have a terrible habit of playing with my hands. especially when i'm nervous.
or just don't know what to do with my hands. {what does one do????}
- orange juice is my heart juice. and yes that sounds weird.
- i like characters/letters. they're  f a c i n a t i n g
- i also love plants. i want to become a botanist. 
- i still have a scar on my leg from running into a stump on our camping trip.
it was dark, and i stupidly didn't bring a flashlight.
{though i still think that stump had evil schemes}
- i have a real job now. like its actually legit. and its crazy fun.
- my muse and haze boards on Pinterest are two of my favorite places to browse.
- i'm excited about life and can't wait to see what God has in store.

thank you for reading this whole post, it was long i know.
but hopefully it was worth it. :)

and thank you, olivia! for thinking of me.
i really enjoyed answering all your questions!

until next time,
<3 eva
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"words are my friends"
-eva // via


  1. I always love reading your posts and this is no exception :) Ecclesiastes is my favorite too!!!!

  2. YOUR ANSWERS ♥♥♥ thanks for doing the tag- this post was giving me such great vibes ;)
    ps yessss, your muse and haze boards give me life


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