Saturday, November 14, 2015

// don't dig your own grave //

i'm the most independent,



out there.

i'm independent 

and don't need no man.

but i'm dependent 

cuz i need Him.

i'm independent 

and don't need no friends

but i'm dependent 

cuz i need them.

{my family}

don't call me a feminist when i say that, 

don't call me cold when speak those words.

i've just learned that with a happy life,

comes an acceptance 

of independence.

take it one day at a time,

one hour on the dime,

don't stop 

just go.

an old man once said,

"expectation is the root of all heartache"

and it is through this life that i would agree.

so don't expect

don't build it all around that

little small hope that's turned into 

a little white lie of truth.

and with each day 

i just pray:

"Lord, have it your way"

<3 eva
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"i wanna be known by You"
-twentyonepilots // goner // via


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. I love how you contrasting the independent and dependent parts in the beginning, and how you ended it with "Lord, have it your way".
    Amen <3

    i am a constant contradiction of myself.
    and that quote about expectation being the root of all heartache is such truth.
    and the ending. gah thank you for always bringing it back to Him in the end.

  3. thank you, both of you! i just pray my life ends with the Lord as much as my posts do <3


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