Thursday, March 12, 2015

// things learned //

a couple things i've learned so far in the year of 2015

-that the word height does not end with a 'th'. you do not pronounce it like width or length but like weight.
i am so confused, this is a major crisis.   

-there are a lot of cool places in this world, but i wouldn't trade seattle for anything.

- that i have a small* obsession with twenty-one pilots


-i want a record player. very much.

-i love twinkle lights. they make my life 91% better

-there are too many books and too little time. but that doesn't stop me from reading

-my new phrase is: "don't conform to the norm". maybe its cliche but i don't care.

disco pineapple agrees
-that muffins are the greatest food ever.

-that makeup is fun, but a heck of a lot of work

-that i am unable to make a blog post without lists. and i blame it on abby. completely and utterly on abby. thanks beautiful.

<3 Eva

it takes courage to grow up and become who you really are
-e.e cummings


  1. Love the post Eva! Also, did you recently go to Seattle? Cause we NEED to go together sometime. ; )

    1. Thanks so much! I haven't gone recently, but I should! That would be a blast to go together. =)

  2. {Re E.E. Cummings quote} Ahhh, but it takes courage to discover who you really are ~ and courage to face it squarely.
    As for lists, well, they make the world go 'round. :-)

  3. I never would have guessed that you like twenty one pilots! :) though now that i think about it, it makes perfect sense :D I wouldn't say that I am a fan of theirs, but Ive been listening to a couple of their songs recently :) I love that their songs have deep lyrics but are still really catchy :)

    1. They're the best! I agree, they're lyrics are deep yet still have such beat and catchy-ness. =)

  4. I love your blogposts with lists. They're the best. Now that I'm reminded by this post, I'm gonna go check out twenty-one pilots while I catch up on school! Oh, and I just updated my profile to a blogger profile, so I think you should be able to comment now...? At least I'm hoping;) Now to go list my thousands of interest, and favorite books, music, and whatever else you can list on your blogger profile. YES :D (and I'll do my best to post again soon! this past week and the week coming up are INSANE)

    1. well thank you. I've come to love lists. though it depends on what they're for. =) Yes, you really must listen to them!
      Oh, awesome! I'll check it out sometime and see if I can comment! Thanks for looking into that. =) No problem about post, I completely understand.

  5. Go lists! The agree that make up is such a hassle, but I still like putting it on :) and muffins? I'm drooling just thinking of them.

    `Cindy @ Open Your Eyes And See

  6. i. ....okay i'm a little ridiculously happy that you have an abby tag what have i done to deserve this

    ii. you can make lists. it's not an art. (not that you are not good at the arts.) just put things in caps, and then put things not in caps underneath. lists are eager to please. ^^

    iii. i really, really need to start listening to more |-/

    iv. my parents actually have this really cool record player from the 1980s....... i should buy some more vinyl for it. maybe i can take it to university or something.

    v. loved this.


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