Thursday, February 19, 2015

// a discovery //

why did no one tell me?

why did no one mention

that growing up is painful?

painful and confusing.

very much so.

there's rules for some things

and no rules for others?

there's things that everyone talks about

and yet there's things that everyone assumes you know about.

like "oh hey, you might feel like sobbing at 12:01am. but that's alright."

"its natural. it happens. and yes, its alright."

"God's in his heavens and in your heart and He will hold you as you cry."

"when you feel confused and unsure of everything, focus on the things you are sure of."

"like the midnight breeze coming through the window,

the feeling of a paperback in your eager hands

the amazing poetry in God's word, 

the joy of laughter and smiles,

the happiness muffins bring,

the funny goofiness of family,

the rays of the sun, 

the silent watchfulness of the moon,

and the countless stars in the heavens that never change, 

just like the God who is watching you,

your heart,

and your bewildered mind."

but no one talks about those things,

so i discovered them myself.

and now i'm sharing them with you.

growing up is naturally painful

and confusing.

but with a bit of enjoying the little things,

dancing to that happy beat,

and trusting in the God of stars,

your heavy little heart will slowly lighten;

with the break of dawn

your heart will smile. 

<3 eva
while you're doing fine, there's some people and I
who have a really tough time getting through this life
so excuse us while we sing to the sky.
-twenty-one pilots 


  1. "Growing up is an awfully big adventure..." Peter Pan
    1.) LOVE the song quote at the end
    2.) Did you get a record player? Is that one in the picture, actually yours???
    3.) Also, LOVED the post! ; )

    1. peter pan is very right about that. =)
      a.) i have not stopped listening to twenty-one pilots for days
      b.) unfortunately no. i have yet to buy one - and it may be awhile since i'm trying to save money =)
      c.) thank you! i'm so glad you enjoyed it!

    2. Yah, I think that J.M .Barrie was a genius! ;D
      1.) I do so love them very muches, bad sad day, I only have one song. So, I just listen to the one song on repeat.Typical.
      2.) Ah, I get it. ; )

  2. WOW I SERIOUSLY LOVE YOUR BLOG. I have so many interests in common with you. this is crazy. also, your poetry is fantastic. I am absolutely in love with the books you mentioned except I have yet to read Sense & Sensibility, Oliver Twist, Northanger Abbey, and Great Expectations. I am nothing without Christ. I so relate with being an introvert, but also extrovert at times. And the need for silence and the need for people. And words. Definitely the need for words. Not to mention muffins are just great. Haha just wanted to say this blog is awesome and keep writing!
    [ ]

    1. Olivia! Thank you SO much for your kind comment! I love meeting kindred spirits on the internet and it seems that we are indeed alike. =D
      Aw thanks! I've never actually considered it poetry, but I suppose it is in a form! I just love words and my blog is an easy way to keep track of them. :)
      Do you, do you? You love Anne, Jo, the Pevensies, Frodo, David, Elizabeth and everyone of those dear books? That is divine. ^.^ You really must read those other books! They are amazing, especially Northanger Abbey.
      Indeed, isn't it so true? Christ is everything.
      I am mostly an extrovert, but there are times when I'm like "yea nope. I need silence" But I do sooo love people! Its an even balance I suppose. With an extra large dose of words words words words. =)
      Muffins are essential to life. End of story.
      Your comment made my day! Thank you, again, so much! I followed your blog and have been reading a couple of your posts. Can't wait to read more!

    2. Me too. ^-^ internet buddies are the best. I think I just automatically classified it as some kind of poetry because of the intensity of thought and emotion expressed in it, which doesn't necessarily classify it as poetry, but it says a lot about your writing skills!! Whatever you call it, it's great and I love it. ^-^
      OH, I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH. This is fantastic. Ok, I'll have to put Northanger Abbey on the top of my list! So, I have to ask. Have you seen The Book Thief movie? I finished the book last fall, but I haven't worked up the courage to watch the movie. And I don't know if I even want to, anyway. Ahh, it's such a unique and incredible book. I just don't know how it would transfer to screen!
      And so true. Yay Jesus. ^-^ I'd have to say I'm mostly an introvert, but I need people just as much as I need my alone time! Yes. Muffins are life. Also bagels.
      Yours made mine too! Thanks for following the blog!! And, hurry up and post, so I can read more of your posts;)

    3. Excited to get to know each other better! (btw, I checked and you can change who can comment on your blog in the settings)
      Well thank you so much! I can truly say it comes from my heart and most of the time from a very worn out and precious thought. So thank you for compliment of thinking it was poetry, because in my book that is high praise indeed. =)
      Oh this IS fantastic! (perhaps we should swap emails so that we can discuss them in depth..) Yes you really should! I started Persuasion this week and am really excited to be reading Jane Austen again. =)
      Oh yes, the Book Thief! I did watch the movie, and surprisingly it was very good. My friend didn't care for it (they did change a couple of things) but the over all mood and message were there; and because of that I was satisfied. The cast was incredible as their characters and everything felt very real. And as I mentioned, the mood was the same as the book which for me means a lot. But I totally understand if you don't want to watch it because I get the same way. Especially with this book! Try watching the trailer - it will help you decide. =)
      Introverts are lovely people. ^-^
      oh yes, and bagels! I adore those too!
      yay! x) you're very welcome! How could I not? Haha. And yes, I'll try to write more posts soon! Sometimes I just don't have anything to say. =) Loved your most recent posts btw!

  3. Evelyn, I love the way you write! It's so creative, simple but powerful, graceful and different. Thanks for all of the words, I really needed that today :)

  4. Thank you so much Darrion! It's taken me awhile to figure out my style, so it means a lot to me that you think it's different and unique. And graceful and all that. It's a huge compliment. Thank you thank you thank you! :) as for the words, I'm glad they reached you. I want to help people with my words and it's wonderful to hear when they do. This subject is one that I have struggled a lot with the past year and I want to be honest and show people that I *am* struggling and I understand. =) thanks again. God bless.


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