Wednesday, February 25, 2015

// minor female characters i love //

i love when i read a book and from the background of the story, from the shadow of the heroine, a minor character shines.

these are the characters the i think back on with fondness,

wishing i could have gotten to know them better,

wondering what the book would have been like from their perspective,

and what their story entailed.

so in honor of them,

 here are a couple minor {female} characters i love.

{perhaps i'll do one on minor male character i love next}
-   -   -

nancy // oliver twist 

a young woman in a strange time and place. a thief who lives in the slums of london. a friend to oliver. and most importantly a girl who wishes to start her life anew

agnes wickfield // david copperfield

agnes is one of those characters that becomes the heart of the story without one realizing it. everyone loves her, but no one truly acknowledges what she's worth. not in a bad way, just not to the extent the reader does. dear agnes is loving, caring, and very good at giving advice when i would have given a smack on the cheek. david can be so aggravating sometimes.

philippa gordon // anne of the island 

when anne leaves dear avonlea for redmond college, she ends up sharing a house with three of other girls; one of which is philippa - or phil as she is fondly called. she is the silliness, she is the laughter, she is the loyal friend. she loves life in an innocent way, reminding anne that it need not be so heavy weighted. (and for goodness sake's just marry gilbert)

mrs. hannah thornton // north and south

she is a most complex minor character. mother of leading male character, john thornton, she appears stiff, cold, and to a certain extent cruel. but if one looks deeper you find she is frightened of the past, frightened of it reoccurring. her life has forced her to be strong for her children, and to hold strongly onto them and the life they have. perhaps she's cold because she's scared to give her love and compassion to someone who would trample it. perhaps she's cruel because she's a mother scared of change. perhaps she's stiff because she fears people won't respect her when they see that she's simply a broken woman, who has barely survived her past.   

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and those are a few characters that have made their way into my heart.

perhaps they'll make their way into yours someday.

<3 eva
there are chords in the hearts of the most reckless 
which cannot be touched without emotion.
-edgar allen poe


  1. about your first one: rose IS a minor character in oliver twist, but your description is actually of nancy. rose and her aunt were upper class ladies who took oliver in when he was made to rob their house. nancy is the thief who won't leave bill. good post, though!

    1. Ah! I can't believe I mixed up their names! Thank you so much for correcting me! Poor Nancy. I shall have to go fix that.
      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

  2. Love the one's on Agnes and Ms. Hannah Thorton. Such great characters. I just love supporting characters that seem to have just as much depth as the main characters!!!

    1. you've read north and south then? *that* is one of my most favorite books ever! (goodness, I should add it to my list on my about the scribbler page!) they are great characters. so wonderful, i love each and every one of them! you can tell that an author has put a lot of thought into a book when the supporting characters are so detailed.

  3. This is the proof of great writing, when you take an interest in all the minor parts that make up the entire story.


  4. I agree that Nancy is often overlook on Oliver Twist. I personally found her to be quite a timid (is that the word?) creature who isn't as rough and threatening as the others, yet holds herself high

    1. Indeed, Nancy quite is different from anyone in that group. She has a refinement that sets her apart from everyone else and gives you a hope that she might turn her life around. =) I was so distraught when I learned her fate.


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