Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Art {Drawings, Graphics, + Photos}

From lack of post ideas, I have decided to post my most recent art. Some of them are drawings, others are graphics, and still others are edited photographs. The one that I love the most, and worked on the longest, is a drawing of Anna from Frozen. It was a blast and a challenge to draw animation like this and most certainly worth it. I'm hoping to draw Elsa sometime in the near future, but I was taking a break from drawing animation for awhile. :)

Anna of Arendelle  
I'm still not sure what my favorite part was to draw, but her braid, her eyes, and her hair were really neat to do. (Note to self: Do not upload pictures of your drawing and then stare at them blown up. Errors will appear, even if they aren't real.)

Far Across the Field 
A picture of our awesome field taken with my nifty iPod touch.

Defeating the Darkness Inside
This is my most recent graphic, and while I really like how it turned out, there's a part me that's not sure what to think. I was trying to experiment with different techniques, so I suppose I should expect that. :)

The Loveliest of Beauties
Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I love this story so much, and I have to admit that drawing 2-D cartoon is so much easier than 3-D animation. :)

Containing a Storm
My always epic cat posing in a leftover box from Christmas. I do believe he loves that time of year. :) (also taken with my iPod)

The Need of the Heart
I love it when people take songs that have no relation to a movie, and find part of the lyrics that somehow fit so perfect with said movie. I kept a look out for one to hopefully fit with Frozen, and this is what I came up with. The lyrics are from the song 'Everybody'. :)

The Girl who Flew 
 I also love the story of Peter Pan, and Wendy is such a darling girl to draw! I drew this within a couple hours (as was the time for Belle's) so yea.. fairly easy!

Tea and Biology
Once again taken by my iPod, so not the highest quality. But it seemed cool when I was supposed to be studying biology. :)

Misty Eye of the Mountain. 
This one of absolute favorite graphics I have ever made... I'm still amazed at how it turned out!! 

The Heavens Declare His Majesty
Ok, so I know that planets aren't really this close together but.. I don't care. :) 

Hugo Cabret
This is such agGorgeous movie visual-wise. I love it so much. And the story line is awesome too. (even if it doesn't follow the book amazingly well)

That is all for now! Though that ended up being quite a few. :) I hope my brain will return from vacation soon, so that I can figure out a worth while post idea.

<3 Eva


  1. Wow! I love all your artwork! Your Anna drawing is adorable. I love that picture of worried, yet so caring. :) Her hair and face came out really well!! I can't wait to see you do Elsa!
    Aw, Wendy and Belle! Two of my favorite characters! They're so cute. I love the shading in the Belle one.
    I haven't heard that song but it fits perfectly for Frozen. :)

    1. Thank you Natalie!! I'm glad you like it!! And yes that is one of my favorite pictures of Anna too, she's so pretty and looks like herself. I can't wait to do Elsa either - I think I'm a little scared that it'll be too hard. :)

      Oh you should look up the song then!! It's really fun!

    2. I looked it up- wow, I love that song now! Thanks!

  2. "Everybody" will now be stuck in my head. All day. ;)
    ~ Grace Anna

    1. Hehe, I don't think I'm sorry.. :D it's a great song!

  3. Love all the pretty art, Ash! You've got some dandy bits in here! But... ergh! Every time I look at some part from that Hugo movie I want to read the book again! There goes my free afternoon. ;)

    I know exactly how you feel about copying a drawing and looking at it on a screen. I force myself to share them anyway, because it's the best way to grow... but it sure is hard when things just keep popping up and I feel I need to "fix" the drawing for the millionth time... :D

    1. Thank you Caleb! I'm glad that you like them - you being an artist and all. :) it certainly is a ton of fun!

      Oh yes Hugo is a really good book!! I thought it was really cool that they made it into a movie. I should read it again.. (Just add it to the list of books I must re-read, but never will because the list of books I haven't read is bigger. :) )

      Yea I suppose sharing it is a good way to grow. At least it's on the computer so I can't reach out and "fix" it. :P in my experience the more you touch it the worst it becomes. After a certain point, that is. :)

  4. Wow!!! Cool drawings and photos!!!

    P.S.I love you new blog design and profile picture.

    1. Thank you Ella!!

      I felt the design need a new spring look - the other one was so dark and fallish. :) I love how this one turned out, and I'm glad you think so too!

  5. I just LOVE your drawing of Anna!! It is amazing! You are pretty awesome you know... And I also love the Misty Mountains graphic. I am a big fan of Tolkien...

    dang son how you do those clean lines


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