Saturday, April 5, 2014

Writing off of Character Inspiration

I have been really slacking on writing The Snow Daughter (temporary name), and I'm scolding myself for not working on it. I love having it there though, waiting to be written; knowing what's going to happen and what the characters are like. I have never had a story that's come so far, and I'm really excited.

So while I've been procrastinating on writing my book, I had a wonderful idea for a short story. And it actually involves you. Yep you. On my Pinterest Account, I have a board entitled Character Profiles.

I want you to go on there, browse as long or as little time as you want, and pick a character that strikes your fancy. Or rather, one that you would like to read about.

Once I find the time, I will then pick one from the list you, the readers, create and will write a page-long story about her/him/them. It may not be a story, but simply a glimpse into who they are. Or it may be a story, but just a short snippet of their life. Either way, I thought it would be a fun little project and it would mean something to you, the readers, if you saw the picture and knew I based the writing off of it.

And while I'm waiting for replies, I will try to work a lot on my book so that I don't feel guilty for writing something else. :)

Take your time and chose wisely. ;) Maybe someday I'll be able to write one on everyone's character choice..

Have a lovely weekend, 
<3 Eva


  1. This is what I would like!! Just love this picture!

  2. So, I had the one I wanted all picked out, and then YOU added more pins!!! So, since I find it very hard to decide I choose these three! ;D
    1.) (Is this Andrew Garfield?)
    2.) (the original, that I was going with.)
    3.) ( I like this movie.... ;) )


  3. I'd Love to learn this guys story :)
    along with this girl


  4. Fun fun! I don't know how I'm going to decide! Hopefully I'll be able to write one soon. :)


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