Sunday, March 16, 2014

* The Sunshine Award *

Don't you just love sunshine? I do, and when it decided to show me it still existed a couple days ago, I was overjoyed. :)

Sunshine also popped up in another place besides the sky within the past week and a half, and that place was through the blog Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens. Natalie kindly awarded me with the Sunshine Award! Very sweet of her to award me, and it's been a good while since she did. :) So here I am, finally answering the questions from the award!

1. What would you do on a rainy (but not stormy) day?
Stay inside and read a good book with steaming cup of tea and a bulky sweater. :)

2. Heels or flats?
I have to say flats. I love flats. However, I'm sure someday I'll find a pair of adorable heels that I love. (I've seen some that come close, but I've never bought them) Plus, heels aren't good for your feet. :)

3. Is there any particular music/song that ever gives you chills from the beauty or inspiration of it?
Oh yes, there are several songs, and albums that give me chills and make me feel inspired. Most of them are Soundtracks (Narnia, Schindler's List, Everafter, Emma (2009), Prince of Persia, Red Dawn (never watched it), Hugo, the list could go on..) But there's one song, from a soundtrack of a movie I've never watched, that is just so beautiful and chill worthy. You must listen to it.  Someone removed that song, so alas, I must replace it with another. The Theme from Schindler's List. I played this for a recital once (on the piano) but the original is much more amazing. (The violins are chilling)

4. Would you find a mud battle hilariously fun or positively gross?
My first thought is positively gross. However under certain circumstances, it might be hilariously fun. :)

5. Is there anything you feel God has taught you over the past year?
Oh so so many things. The first couple that come to mind are, love for His Word, learning to be teachable (it is SO hard sometimes), and giving me the desire to be a godly young woman who focuses on becoming one during these teen years. 

6. Favorite sidekick/best friend character from literature?
I've had to sit here and think on this for awhile! I think I have to resort to best friend, because side kick makes me think 'funny' and I don't really read humorous books. :) My favorite best friend (practically ever) is from Little Women, Jo's best friend: Teddy. As much as everyone hates the fact that he and Jo didn't get married, I don't mind. And the years before they start thinking about that are so fun and wonderful. I love their relationship.  :) Other best friends that come to mind are Diana (Anne Shirley's) and Samwise Gamgee (Frodo's) from Lord of the Rings. :)

7. What do you like to do for exercise?
I have to say walking. :) Outside in the sun along a dirt road. *sigh*

8. A favorite movie/TV show nobody would expect you to like?
Uh.... I don't really know? Maybe Road to Avonlea. (A Canadian tv show based on the town of Avonlea) I don't really know what other people think I like. :) So maybe if they heard I like action and superhero's they would be shocked. *shrugs* who knows. :D

9. E-mailing, telephoning, texting, or snail mail?
I *love* receiving snail mail, but I am way more efficient with emailing. And as for telephoning, I love it. I could take for hours on there. While some people struggle with talking on the phone it seems to come quite naturally to me. :P I text sometimes, but not that often.

10. Describe your dream dress:
I'm thinking dream dress as in ball-gown-that-I-would-never-be-able-to-wear-except-to-a-ball dress. So: Long full skirt, the waist line would be a slight V, the neckline would probably be square with lace and small somewhat full sleeves. The bodice would have embroidering on it as would the skirt, and probably lace the skirt too. The coloring would either be gold and red, or green. (either dark or a low saturation green) So basically a 1800's dress. :P  

11. Favorite Biblical name?
Favorite girl names that come to mind: Abigail, Leah, and Lydia. Favorite boy names are Seth and Jared. I love those two names!

My Nominees: 
Grace Anna Rose from Dreams of a Narnian 
Hope from Hope's Treasures  
Pur et Simple

Here are my questions for the nominees (I'm using some of Natalie's questions!):

1. What would you do on a rainy (but not stormy) day?
2. Is there any particular music/song that ever gives you chills from the beauty or inspiration of it?
3. Is there anything you feel God has taught you over the past year?
4. What comes to mind when I say the color red? (this is really random because I forgot include a 4th question originally)
5. Favorite sidekick/best friend character from literature?
6. Favorite Biblical name?
7. What would you do if you found you had a completely empty day ahead?
8. What is your favorite book of the Bible?
9. Do prefer dresses or skirts?
10. What book are you reading at the moment?
11. If you could own a book store what would the dominating book type be, and what would be its name? (Don't think to hard about it :))

Even if I didn't award you, I'd love for you to answer the questions!! Please let me know if you do, I know I would enjoy reading them! (you could even answer them in the comments if you want!)

Enjoy the sun as spring approaches!!

<3 Eva


  1. Thanks so much, Evelyn! That was so sweet of you! :)
    ~ Grace Anna

  2. Hi Evelyn!
    So, I thought I would go ahead an answer the questions as they look like so much fun! ;D

    1.) A rainy day?... Hmm, depends on what I had planned, but what I would love to do is either read a good book, or go dance in the rain! ;D
    2.) Uh, there are a LOT of those! ( Since I have the song you listed I will listen to it later, and tell you, if I should add it to my list1 ;D) the moment, "Say Something," by A Great Big World, and the Ever After Soundtrack!!!!
    3.) Hmm... That I should always trust Him, no matter what I feel, or what goes on. ( Trusting can be hard!)
    4.) ? You don't have a 4th question...
    5.) Good job on making me think! ;D I think I will go with best friend as I haven't read too many books with a sidekick... So...lets friend... Elizabeth, and Mary from "Carry On, Mr. Bowditch." Nat from "The Witch of Blackbird Pond." Oh, here is a sidekick!!!! Psmith and Freddie, from "Leave it to Psmith." And I love the leading lady from that book but can't remember her name....
    6.) Boys: Seth. Girls: Esther? ( Maybe because that is my favorite story about a girl in the Bible...)
    7.) Probably end up being REALLY lazy, by watching a movie in my pajams, maybe crocheting while I watch. Unless, there was something I knew I needed to get done, and had a whole day to do it in.
    8.) Uh, Esther? I am not sure if I really have a favorite, but this one is special to me, as it was sort of the first book of the Bible I ever really read. I read it to my Dad, while driving into work with him.
    9.) It used to be skirts, but I think of late, I am liking dresses a bit more...You can dress them up or down really easily, and it is easier to find things to match. mostly.
    10.) Um, besides the Bible, I am reading "A Red Badge of Courage ," for school, but hope to start reading "Great Expectations," soon.
    11.) They would all be hard covers! And they would have to be the type of books that have the bookmarks already in them! ( LOVE those!) name of the bookstore? Uh, I am drawing a blank, but something catchy, and something that is a play on words. Hah! Sorry...

    Sorry, about the lengthy comment...Thanks for letting anyone do it! ;D

    1. Wow thanks for answering all of the questions! How fun! I can't reply to all of them but I will say: I can't wait for you to start reading Great Expectations, and I love Nat from "The Witch of Blackbird Pond"! Oops, sorry about question four! I guess I should go fix that.. :)

  3. I'll post tomorrow and link back to you. :-)

    1. Oh Thank you! Looking forward to reading it. :)

  4. A little sunshine is nice for a change. Especially since we had a harrowing rainstorm last night. Your dream dress sounds perfection, I only wish ladies dressed like so today. My world would be very much like the romantic period. :))) it's funny and nice to meet someone who loves talking on the phone, I'm a self professed phone phobia. That doesn't even make sense, but you get it, I hate loath and detest texting, and it is why I have no phone, well that and I have no one to text. Sometimes I feel like a person who happened upon the wrong era. Thanks for the award, I'll keep my acceptance speech short.
    Blessings ~ Rachel Hope

  5. Hi Evelyn! I'm so sorry it took me so long to comment on your post! :}
    Ooh, your dream dress sounds lovely! And your exercise choice is exactly what I would choose! Haha, I'm always in flats too. I don't mind a low heel, but I'm really tall, so it's pretty pointless to wear heels. :)
    I'm so glad you enjoyed the award because I also awarded you with the Sunflower award! Congrats and feel free to take your time with it! :)

    1. Better late than never!!! :) thanks for the comment - and the award! Wow two in a row. :) I'll and try to do it soon! (Maybe ill do a normal post. Then the award)


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