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Jane Austen's Lovely Pride and Prejudice

     Pride and Prejudice. Such a simple name with more meaning than we realize. Yes, there's the real meaning that Jane Austen meant it to have. She refers to Darcy's pride and Lizzy's prejudice... but there's also the other 'meaning'. When I here the name my mind races with images, scenes, the beautiful cover of the book, etc. I think of all the struggles Lizzy went through, the heart ache Jane endured, the silliness of Lydia and Kitty, the dullness of Mary, and the annoying complaints of their Mother.
   I watched the 1995 movie version several years ago, possibly 5, and I have to admit I think that just the past 2 times I've watched it has everything clicked. I watched it when I was younger as another movie, I didn't understand  the whole story line, the seriousness of Lydia's behavior, the wickedness of Wickam, or why Darcy was so cold and proud. I have finally reached the age to be able to read the book. I started reading it with a friend and we both finished it within a week. A week! I figured it would take us a fortnight (2 weeks) at least! We both enjoyed it immensely. From the wit and sparkle of Lizzy to the annoying and disgusting Mr. Collins, it was amazingly well written and enjoyable. This is a book I have heard a lot about and have longed to read it and see for myself if it was as good as everyone portrayed it to be. I just have to say that it is not a bit overrated! I enjoyed Jane Auesten's writing tremendously and  look forward to reading many more of her wonderful novels. :)

    I have watched 2 versions of Pride and Prejudice, the 1995 version with Colin Firth as Darcy, and the 2005 version with Matthew Macfadyen as Darcy. I absolutely LOVE the old one. The new one was an enjoyable movie. It didn't follow the book (in more ways than one) as much as the '95 version did, but I enjoyed it! If you compare it to the book, I have to admit it was quite lacking. Yes, it was 2 hours, I understand, which means I should expect it to be a little rushed and have scenes taken out. But that's not exactly what I'm saying here. For starters both proposals, the 1st and 2nd, in the new movie, are in the wrong places. The 1st was supposed to be in the Collins sitting room, it was outside in the rain, instead. The 2nd was supposed to be during a walk, instead it was.. well.. on a walk, but they ran into each other during the night (or shall we say very early morning?) instead of them being purposely together on a walk. They weren't bad necessarily, just not true to the book. The first proposal I was surprised at how they yelled at each other (or at least Lizzy did). Some may say they weren't yelling that much or that they were trying to be heard above the rain. Either way I didn't think that's what their characters would have done. True, they were upset and were insulting each other, but I think it would've been more like the '95 version where it seemed like they were yelling but they never raised there voices.  The 2nd proposal was.. alright. Though I didn't like how all she said  was 'your hands are cold', instead of saying something at least close to yes, or I love you.   
    And they left out Mrs. Hurst! I thought that, that was a big disappointment. Mrs. Hurst isn't a huge part in the book, but then again she is. Without her, Miss Bingley (her sister) had no one to 'play off of'. No one shared Miss Bingley's opinion of.. well.. everything, other than her sister. So without her you don't have the silly, nonsense gossip they talk about.
     Now don't get me wrong, I loved the 2005 movie. The clearness of the everything, the amazing scenery, the incredible music, it was all wonderful! While there were things I liked better in the '95 version (*ahem* such as Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy) there were also things I liked better in the new. I think that Jane was better portrayed in the new, she was more of the simple, innocent, tries-to-make-everyone-good, Jane we know in the book. :) And I thought Mr. Collins hilarious and liked him a ton. Even if he's nothing like the book Mr. Collins I still love the funniness of his character. :D That, is a 'faithful narrative' of my opinion. Feel free to share yours in a comment, I'd love to hear it!
   I have created a couple graphics of Lizzy, both from the new version and the old, that I'd like to share with you! I posted them at the very end... Hopefully someday I'll post more that includes other characters. :) I hope you enjoy the graphics, as well as my ramblings. Here's an amusing conversation between Caroline Bingley and Mr. Darcy to end with. :)

<3 Eva
Miss Bingley then came up to Mr. Darcy saying, "I can guess the subject of your reverie."
   "I should imagine not." He replied.
   "You are considering how insupportable it would be to pass many evenings in this manner - in such society; and indeed I am quite of your opinion. I was ever more annoyed! The insipidity, and yet the noise - the nothingness, and yet the self-importance of all those people! What would I give to hear your strictures on them!"
   "Your conjecture is totally wrong, I assure you. My mind was more agreeably engaged. I have been meditating on the very pleasure which a pair of fine eyes in the face of a woman can bestow."
   Miss Bingely immediately fixed her eyes on his face, and desired he would tell her what lady had the credit of inspiring such reflections. Mr. Darcy replied with great intrepidity:
   "Miss Elizabeth Bennet."
   "Miss Elizabeth Bennet!" repeated Miss Bingley, "I am all astonishment..."
                              -Pride and Prejudice [the book]

Click image for full size.. it's much clearer. :D

Graphics made by Miss Evelyn


  1. Miss Evelyn,
    Thank you so much for following my blog. Though I do have to warn you, I don't post very often. ;) I love your blog name!
    I pretty much agree with everything you've said about the two Pride and Prejudices. I've also seen an older black and white one that wasn't very good. They changed so many things in the story and even placed it in a different time era!

    1. Well, thank you so much for following me back, Emily! I really appreciate it. ;) Yes, I'm sure you can tell I love Narnia by my blog name. :D
      That's interesting about the old B&W version, I've never seen any other than the 2 I mentioned in the post! I'm quite surprised they changed the time era, that's what makes the story what it is!

  2. Dear Miss Evelyn,
    I quite enjoyed the post, and agree with you quite a bit, though I beleive that if they had just lengthened the newer one, you would have been able to get to know the characters more, and thus it would have been more like the book. (And if they had added in Mrs. Hurst.) One, thing we do agree on for sure, would have to be the music, I think the new one is best for that! :D

    P.S I quite laughed when you mentioned Mr. Darcy! :D

    Lots of Love,
    Elinor Dashwood

    1. I'm glad you did! I enjoyed writing it. x) Yes, I quite agree that the '05 version would have been twice as better had they lengthened it. ;) I do so love the music! Quite gorgeous! I still haven't gotten it.. though I really need to!

    2. Dear Miss Evelyn,

      Too bad they don't have duets on the piano, for the new music! :D

      Yours Truly,
      Miss Elinor Dashwood

  3. What a delightful post! AHHHH! Mr. Darcy. <3 Okay, back to everything else...I think we think basically the same things! I reviewed both P&Ps and compared the individual characters on my blog a while back -- I believe there's a picture link to character comparisons on the right sidebar, and THAT should have links to my reviews. :) But I quite enjoyed this one! 1995 is my favorite forever. :)

    1. Yes, I believe our opinions are ver y similar! I commented on your post... I enjoyed it very much!


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