Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Start on the Journey

Ahh, the first post! As says my title, a start on the journey. And if you know not what journey I'm referring to, it is the journey of blogging! Hopefully it will be a worthwhile blog for many to visit. :D Anyway, there are two things of which I must explain to you.
The first, is my name. It is not my real name but merely a pen name I have created for this purpose. I like to be careful when on the internet, and feel you can never be to cautious. Plus, I like making up names. :D
The second is the name of the my Blog. If you are a lover of Narnia like me, you may know something about the Western Wild. If you haven't, I will explain. In the world of Narnia the Western Wild is the unruled mountain range of pine trees beyond the Western March of Narnia. It is in this wild expanse of land that Digory and Polly went in search of the garden containing the Silver Apple. It is a vast wilderness of mountains and forests and is only inhabited by wild animals, if anything. Hopefully that gives you a slight idea of what it is. As for why the name of my blog is that, is simply because I love Narnia, especially this area of Narnia and would love to explore it. But alas, Narnia is only a dream created by C.S Lewis that lives in the hearts of many.
The use of this blog is simply to share my artwork, opinions or anything else that I've created. :D I hope you enjoy it in the future when I actually have those things posted. :)
So welcome, Into The Western Wild...

A picture of what I imagine the Western Wild to look like.

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