Friday, July 31, 2015

// honored //

sweet olivia from summer of 1999 awarded me the liebster award!
{several weeks ago that is. forgive me}
most of these questions i answered one night last week, but then i came back and edited a couple.
thus questions x and xi are a little outdated, but no matter.
the answers are still true.
thank you so much olivia for awarding me! i am very flattered and enjoyed answering your questions. <3

i do not have anyone to award this time around, but perhaps i will randomly award some lovely bloggers in the future.
i love you all.
i. what is one, or two, things that you can never resist the urge to impulse buy?
clothes. and shoes. i've grown stronger to fight the urge, but they're pretty much the only thing that i have a huge desire/impulse to buy. ;)

ii. do you like hot tea? If so, what are some of your favorite kinds?
oh yes. my absolute favorite is chai tea (like with an actual tea bag and herbs), its amazing. another favorite is pear tea <3

iii. what is the latest book you've read?
the giver by lois lowry. it was very similiar to the anthem by ayn rand {written 56 years earlier}, but less of a fable and more of a teen novel. 
however, i found it really interesting and the little things really made it for me. 

iv. if you could relive a day in your past which would it be and why?
there are many days i would relive, but one that recently happened was an outside concert.
the pit was full of singing, shouting young people trying to survive the 90+ heat.
the musicians were having a blast singing and jamming out.
you could feel the drum beat in your chest,
the lights blinded you or aided your sight,
you could feel the pulse of the crowd around you,
the stinging of your clapping hands resonating through your body,
your lungs breathless from shouting and singing and screaming.
it was loud, bright and incredible. 

v. what is your favorite color? [I know this is totally unoriginal but I want to know]
deep oceans.}

vi. if you could go on vacation to one spot, where would it be?
right now, probably spain or italy.

vii. what is the perfect weather to you?
i am a firm believer that Jesus created seasons because he knew it would be impossible for us to decide on one. He know's we're fickle creatures. as a result i have two perfect weather circumstances:
I. pouring rain. cloudy. chilly. breezy. cozy inside with laughter and a fire and books.
II. sun shining. water sparkling. a slight breeze. little to no clouds. laughter. 
i suppose you could say i love water, wind, and laughter. 

viii. what are you wearing right now?
skinny jeans and a gray baggy t-shirt that has an anchor on it. ;)

ix. what person in your life are you closest to and how did you meet?
assuming we're talking outside of the family due to the latter half of the question,
i would have to say my friend hannah.
we actually never officially "met" since our family's have known each other our entire life.
so yes, childhood friend's i guess you could say.

x. what has been the highlight of your week?
 it actually hasn't happened yet, but saturday i'm going to an outdoor concert of switchfoot and needtobreathe (and two other bands but i forget their names) [edit: the two bands were colony house and drew holcomb and the neighbors. the former was awesome, the latter wasn't really my style]
 which is going to be a heck of a time.

xi. when was the last time you laughed/cried, and what prompted it? [you can choose which you want to do, or both]
the last time i laughed harder than a normal giggle (i don't ever live a day with out some form of laughter), was probably yesterday when i went to the river with my family.
there was sun, chilly water, and the gathering of wild ivy.
and also slippery rocks. 
the laughter was prompted by squeals that escaped from my cold lungs as i entered the water,
and later when i decided i was going to cross the river without getting my upper body wet (which was impossible) to retrieve the wild ivy.
i did get the ivy. i did not stay dry. 
i cry very easily, but i can't, at the moment, remember the last time i did.

<3 eva
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
"train your mind to see the good in everything"
-unknown // via


  1. Oooh, I really liked this post Evelyn! :) And you made my day with answer ix. XD And I laughed really hard at answer ii. XD And I totally know what you mean where you find yourself crying a lot, but when asked to answer the last time you did, you can't remember for the life of you! :P Love you dear one!

  2. Hmm...I've never tried pear tea and am officially intrigued....
    I just about cried when I read answer ix as well, it was clear, brilliantly so. I felt like I was there;)

  3. aw i absolutely loved this! thanks for doing it- loved reading all your answers too ^-^


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