Tuesday, March 21, 2017

faithful old friend

hello little blog,

I've missed talking to you.

you used to be my constant companion.

through every heartache,

every revelation,

you were here:


you let me scribble my words across your white pages,

not asking for an explanation 

or telling me I was overthinking it.

I could be honest with you,

because there was no fear in what your response would be:

it was forever and always a comforting silence.

that silence got me through a lot.

no matter what was on my heart I could spill it all, 

and end up at the feet of my Savior.

His peaceful embrace that followed was what made it 

worth it.

I get a little choked up seeing how far I've come.

I no longer come to you with tears and confusion,

but with joy and excitement.

I'll never forget how you let me see the Light in life

by simply being 


I hope you'll let me continue to use you for my thoughts,

to work them out and always,


be led back to Jesus.

<3 Eva
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focus on Jesus. love others. speak hope.
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  1. Are you going to be posting more now? (It's obviously ok if you're not!) because honestly you're still among my top 5 favorite bloggers <3 nina

    1. thank you Nina! xoxo I hope to be posting more now, but college is taking up most my time. I'm on spring break right now, thus the post ;) we'll see what happens this next quarter! <3

  2. gold. x His gentle hands, prodding us along.

    still here. quiet, but listening. as always.

    1. cally, thank you. so much. knowing the faithful few are here is all I need. <3


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