Monday, May 30, 2016

A Moment


I love a life that is full of sunshine, 

of smiles and laughter from the ones that somehow

drive you crazy with annoyance and love,

at the same time.

I love a life full of memories;

like sitting on the roof reading while gazing at your

childhood playground.

And trees that reach for the sky, 

taller than the house upon which you sit.

I love hushed afternoons with soft sunlight,

spotify playlists,

and yes, even  math.

I'm thankful for a pause in this busy life

to appreciate our beautiful, 

crazy world.

<3 Eva
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P.s I want to thank those of you who left such encouraging comments 
on my frustrated post back in April. They inspired me to keep going though 
I seemed to have lost my momentum. So again, thank you! <3 
If we're not hungry for Christ,
we're probably to full of ourselves.
-unknown | via


  1. ok whoa that last quote.
    also the word painting in this piece is SO beautiful. even the sounds of the words you wrote fit so perfectly to set the tone. i love moments like this too :') thanks for reminding me to remember and be grateful for them xx

  2. Exceptional as always <3 It captures the feeling so beautifully.

  3. this is beautiful!!
    also, GATSBY!! <3

  4. This is so beautiful! XD I like your shots, and reading on the roof?? Jealous. :)


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