Sunday, October 11, 2015

// the ninth hour //

when we talk about the specific details of Christ's death,

we often talk about the pain that he endured.

the pain as every limb in his human body was torn 

and dislocated.

as he pushed himself up off the nails in his ankles

to breath.

as liquid filled his lungs,

blocking the flow of oxygen. 

as hours wore on and he slowly suffocated 

every nerve and limb in his body on fire with 

pain beyond comprehension. 

and even as i write these words i know:

these descriptions don't even come close 

to describing what it really was.


what of the other pain?

this Son of God bore every sin

ever committed

on Himself.

when this happened,

God turned away,

unable to look upon the sin

His Son wore.

and because of this Jesus cried out:

"My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?"

this strikes me as agony.

agony at having to endure God's wrath.

and its because of this that i think,

we can cannot comprehend the physical pain,

but imagine how much worse the

mental pain


<3 eva
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"he is the saving grace of the galaxies"
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  1. today was communion sunday for my church and these thoughts have really been weighing on my mind lately.
    it's just so, so amazing what he went through for us. the fact that the went through that with my face before his eyes, enduring the punishment for my sins out of love for me?!
    gaaahhhhhhhhhhh. i'm just blown away. i love him so much. then i realize my love for him is as nothing compared to his love for me.
    it's so overwhelming that i love because he first loved me in my hatred of him.
    ok i'm probably about to write at least a novel if not a series but man. it's crazy, scandalous grace and i'd be nothing without it.<3

    1. "he first loved me in my hatred for him" yessss. its mind blowing, and humbling, and just incredible and how can people not understand this?
      thank you for your comment. its the best. especially because we were both thinking the same thing <3

  2. Ah this is wonderful! I always love everything you write. Also I nominated you for a blogger tag if you are interested!

    1. thank you Nina! i'm so glad you enjoy reading it as much as i love writing it. :)
      aw, your'e so sweet! thank you! if i get a chance, i'd love to answer your questions!

  3. Here is the link:)


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