Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Yearly Cherry Pitting - Oh . Joy

Every year my Mom buys two, or sometimes three, 25-pound boxes of cherries. Once she returns from picking them up immediately (or at least as soon as possible) the Cherry Pitting Marathon begins.. =) And today, was that day. So for about and hour or 2 we pitted about 40 pounds of cherries! It actually wasn't to bad, compared to last year when we had 3 boxes (75 pounds) and didn't quite have the system down yet. =) Once we pit them we freeze them to save for someday in the winter when we want frozen cherries.. yum. We kept about 10 pounds of un-pitted cherries to eat normally through the week.

Two different types of cherries...

We started pitting inside, but was soon asked to go outside due to a brother studying and the loud noise it caused... plus it was making the headache he already had, worse. =) So we moved outside.

My younger sister
Thankfully last year, mom bought 2 fancy cherry pitters. So no more small hand pitters! 

We started out listening to The Scarlet Pimpernel on CD, (might as well do something while standing there pitting for hours!) but soon decided to stop due to the mono-tone voice of the reader. =) Didn't really get is excited to pit cherries! After thinking of what would get us excited, we decided to listened to Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat.  It is a musical made out of the story of Joseph from the Bible, just in case you have been sadly deprived of this and don't know what it is. Most of it is kinda up-beat, and we all have it memorized, so after awhile we were all covered in cherry juice, tapping to the beat and singing loudly along with the music. It was a blast, and we got the cherries done in record time. =) Though... quite a few cherries went missing and we all felt sick by the end.

The final result - about 40 pounds of pitted cherries!

Finally, the bowl is empty!
 Several families that I know are getting cherries in bulk.. what about you? Is your family doing what I consider 'yearly cherry pitting'?

<3 Eva


  1. Not this year. This time we bought about 10 lbs. to just eat fresh.
    What do you do with yours?

    1. The ones in the freezer are saved for pretty much anything. Pies, mini pies, fruit drinks, etc. The 10 lbs. are, like yours, to eat fresh. =)
      That's fun that you at least got some!

    2. Oooh, I'll be over for a mini pie. :-)


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