Saturday, May 18, 2013

Elevensies Tag

Since I have only recently become a blogger, I have never done this tag. Though, I've heard it's been very popular in the past. =) 

We're supposed to list eleven random facts about ourselves, answer the eleven the person who tagged us came up with, come up with eleven of our own for the people we tag, and then tag eleven people.

Thus, the 11 random facts about myself. =D

1) I'm a bookworm
Which often gets me in trouble...
2) I'm a brunette 
3) I like making people smile
4) I love having talks with my big brother
5) I play the piano, and love doing so
6) My motto for books and movies is 'Never judge a book by it's movie' 
7) I'm beginning to understand why Peter Pan never wanted to grow up
8) I love Charles Dickens' writing 
9) I recently burned dinner and cookies within 2 days (the dinner was extremely embarrassing)
10) I have a very hard time controlling my laughter... especially when I'm laughing with a friend.
11) I'm very good at mispronouncing words that people use in books but not so often in this day-in-age. And foreign names... very bad at pronouncing those.  

Here are my answers to the 11 random questions that Melody has created for us to answer:

1) What email server is your favorite? (You know, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)
Gmail. I used to use Comcast, but Gmail is way better!

2) Which place in your own country do you most long to visit?
Actually I think Maryland would be an awesome place to visit!
Fort McHenry,Maryland. The fort that defended Baltimore against the British invasion in the War of 1812, and the birthplace of the National Anthem.
3) Who was the last person you emailed?
Um.. I'm not sure, but probably one of my closest friends who I'm constantly emailing - poor girl!

4) Who was the last person you talked on the phone with?
 My brother's friend who called to talk to him.

5) What is your favorite candy, chocolate excluded?
This is really hard... I think I'll have to go with frozen Milk Duds. (That's not chocolate, right?)
That's what I always get when I go to the movie theaters (which is really rare) so it's got memories. =D

6) Within the next...oh, say, six months, what are you looking forward to the most? (As in, general life event)
No school? Summer... oh! This year is a big salmon run in our river, so we have relatives come and we all fish for a solid week. One of the coolest weeks of the entire year. (well, it's every two years, but yea.)

7) Hardcover or softcover books?
uh... I think I'll have to say softcover. Though I have a couple books that I love as hardcover. =) Soft cover are more personal and 'cozy up next to the fire' books to me. 

What's your favorite quote about...

8) Friendship?
This one. It so applies to a couple of my friends. x)
9) Music?
I actually have several favorite quotes about music, but one of my favorites is:

Though sometimes I don't have to be sad just serious. x)
10) Books?
This one.... It's very true. =)

11) So, you're standing in a group of three people (this includes you) where one person is a friend-ish acquaintance and the other person you don't know so well. You're not really adding that much to the conversation, but then the person you don't know so well criticizes one of your favorite books/movies/characters, etc. What do you do? Scowl and shut up, jump into defense, or other? 
Jump into defense. If they don't know me that well they soon will! If someone criticizes something I love, it's very likely I've defended it before and have a very thought out argument. =)

Here are my Eleven (random) Questions for the people I will tag:

1) What's your eye color?

2) Narnia or Lord of the Rings?

3) Are you a brunette, blond, red head, or other?

4) Would you rather live in the city or the country?

5) Are you an early bird or a night owl?

6) What was the last book you read?

7) Do you like tea, coffee or niether?

8) What's your favorite instrument? Do you play it? 

9) Cat or dogs? Why?

10) If you've read or watched Little Women then: Are you more like Meg, Jo, Beth, or Amy?

11) If you could go to one of the three scenes described in the following sentences, which would you choose?
A cute cottage over looking a lake with the sun setting softly, and a loon calling in the distance, while you're sitting cuddling a puppy. A grand castle with beautiful gardens surrounding it, while you're headed down in a pretty gown to a grand feast, lots of friends, and dancing. Or a big vineyard in Italy, the sun starting to set throwing pretty light on the hundreds of rows, while you're heading eagerly towards a large house where the sound of laughter and teasing come drifting from the windows, glowing with the light within.

Now for the 11 people I tagged. I'm eagerly awaiting your answers! Though anyone is welcome to answer them using a comment!

Little Lady

I would love it for anyone to answer my questions even if I haven't tagged you, just leave them in a comment! I hope you enjoyed learning random things about me. =)


  1. Enjoyed reading your answers! Just to let you know, the "What's your favorite quote about..." was supposed to come before 8, 9, and 10. So, what are your favorite quotes about friendship, music, and books. ;)

  2. ooooh, oops! That makes total sense.. I might go change those then. Thanks for clarifying. x)

  3. Dearest Evelyn,

    I so enjoyed your post! ;D I can totally relate with a lot of it too! ;D And would you believe I learned some things about you, I hadn't known before? ;D

    Have a lovely day,
    Miss Elinor Dashwood

    1. Really? May I inquire what you learned? =D
      I'm so glad you enjoyed the post, I had a ton of fun writing it!

    2. Well, there is random fact number 3)., 9)., and 11).
      (Number 10.) made me think of our times together! ;D)
      And Question number 5.) I didn't know was your favorite! ;D And then 8.), 9.), and 10.) I just absolutely LOVE! :D

      Miss Elinor Dashwood

    3. Ah yes, I love making people smile. As for the candy, Milk Duds are so good! The dinner... help! It was chili and potato's and I was suppose to heat up the chili and totally burned it. Most of the family wouldn't even touch it. We had a guest over and he didn't eat it - he ate the potato, that's all. -.-

  4. Oh, yay! An "eleven" tag - those are always fun. I have one myself for tomorrow.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, Evelyn! Delighted to discover this lovely blog (from Micah) and will enjoying reading it more in the coming months. :)

    1. I found it very fun, also! I'll be sure to read yours once you post it. =)

      Thank you! I'm finding it very fun... Especially when I get comments. Thanks for visiting and for following!

    2. Definitely agree with you: Love softcover books. Way more readable than hardcovers. :)

      Thanks for the blog follow - really appreciate it and for the comment. Visit anytime. :)

      ...and you asked how I saw the 2012 version of Great Expectations? It was via the U.K. DVD release - my DVD player plays Region 2 discs so when there is a costume drama I am anxious to watch, I take advantage of that.

    3. Yep, softcovers are way easier to read. =D I like the looks of the hard cover... but I often find the best cover illustrations are better on the softcover versions. Interesting, isn't it?

      Aww, that's to bad. I don't have a player like that! I guess I'll just wait until it - hopefully - comes out on normal discs. =) Well, I'm glad you could enjoy it.

  5. What a fun post! I just have to stop and answer a couple... :)

    Blue eyed blonde (all the way ;), and a night owl...unfortunately. ;) Love coffee, like tea, love LOTR. And Narnia. Both. Finally, I'd definitely be Jo -- I was more of a tom-boy when I was younger, but she's still the one I'd be most like. :)


    1. Ooh, a blue eyed blonde! Then that means I'm the opposite of you, well, I have green eyes that sometimes turn blue. I'm not sure who I'd be in little women, maybe a combination of them? But certainly Jo in the areas of writing and books. =)

    2. Oh, and thank you is much for following me! I will go follow y back, right now. =)

  6. Are you ready? Here we go.
    1. Green
    2. Would you believe I've never seen LOTR?
    3. Sorta brown & auburn, but with lots of sunshine...blond.
    4. The country wins! {With a few city amenities like a cute café and Trader Joe's ;-) }
    5. Early
    6. Companion Gardening. Next on the list Worship, the Ultimate Priority.
    7. COFFEE!!
    8. Love the violin, banjo, guitar, piano, and trumpet. I play...none.
    9. Dogs - they have manners.
    10. Some of each, but mostly Meg.
    11. Since much of Italy overlooks the Aegean Sea....I pick Italy.

    Thanks for tagging me, it was fun! :-)


    1. Thanks for answering them! I thought you'd have fun. =)

      Really, you've never seen LOTR? After the huge fan base in your family? =) ah, and early bird! Haha... yes, dogs do tend to have more manners. =) I love Italy! It is indeed beautiful. =)

  7. Oops, forgot my 11 random facts.
    1. I was born in Hollywood, CA.
    2. I've never had the chicken pox.
    3. I LOVE the beach!!!
    4. I think polka dots are fun.
    5. My favorite color is turquoise/aqua blue.
    6. My favorite flower is the hydrangea.
    7. My favorite type of food is Mexican.
    8. I enjoy making cheese.
    9. I am organized with stuff, but not so much with my time.
    10. I would love to travel to Italy, Spain, England, and France.
    11. I love to sew.

    1. Your favorite color is aqua blue - and you love the beach/ocean. Coincidence? Very fun random things! Let me know when to travel to those gorgeous places!! I want to go too. =)


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