Monday, March 25, 2013

Snow two days into Spring!

   The other day, Friday, we actually got snow. Snow! Two days after the official day of Spring! I couldn't believe it. But, since we were denied the enjoyment of having a white Christmas, I was happy for it to come. We got one, dusting of snow last Winter. It was very disappointing. So when Friday morning arrived and we awoken by the white outdoors my 2 sisters and I were begging to have school off to go 'play' in the snow. We were granted our request on the terms that we would actually be outside playing in it. We eagerly agreed and went to dig out our snow clothes that had been shoved in a box since Winter of 2011. Putting them on we trooped outside, but not before I grabbed the camera. I had been wanting snow pictures for forever! We fed the animals then the girls started sledding while I tried to take some pictures. We tried sledding after that, even made a jump. But the snow was already starting to melt so everything was soaking wet. x) Here's some of the pictures I took while out in that wonderful snow!!!! Don't forget to click them for full the full size!

The poor Hummingbird! He thought it was Spring... oh wait, it is!

One of the prettiest thing ever: Snow capped trees. Crown in shining glory.

Spring trying to live through this unexpected taste of winter

Storm was excited to see that it had snowed. One of his favorite thing to do is chase the endless 'snow flies'.

Thought this focus was cool. =)

I call it... The Black Mambaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. x) Sorry, movie quote there. I couldn't resist. But really, this is the fastest sled I have ever come across.

Our field clothed in whiteness

"The Eagle Tree" as we call it

A little blade a grass  pushing through the wet snow

The rose bush climbing over the garden trellis. The poor thing, thankfully it didn't hurt them to much.

My sister trying out our sled track and the little jump we added.

Wasn't much of a track and the snow was melting fast, but it was fun!

My older sisters horse, Chester, in the background

Yes, the sun was out!

Storm came in, promptly climbed into his paper bag and fell asleep. =) Worn out from all that snow play.

We got about 4 inches on the back deck, but out in the yard we got about 6 inches - half a foot!!
   The snow was pretty much completely gone by the evening, and today it was sunny and about 60 degrees! I actually got a couple pictures from our amazingly sunny day that I'll try to share with you sometime soon! I'm also hoping to do a review... I'm still thinking of what movie or book though!

<3 Eva
Isiah 40:31
But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.


  1. You got some really great shots!

    We'll have to race sleds - because ours is faster! (No fair quoting something I don't know. ;-) )

  2. Thank you!
    Yes, indeed, we should race! Haha, the quote's from Megamind. Here's a gif that shows the scene: =D

  3. Miss Elspeth BinnerMarch 28, 2013 at 7:40 PM

    Hello!! Great pictures there... We left for our trip that morning so I didn't get to enjoy it very much!!! Glad you had fun though! You're getting to be quite the photographer!!! See you on Sunday...

    Happy Easter everybody!!

    1. Hi Miss Elspeth! I did have a lot of fun, that's to bad that you missed it. Did you have fun on your trip? =)
      Yep, Happy Resurrection Sunday!

    2. Miss Elspeth BinnerMarch 30, 2013 at 9:04 PM

      Yes, it was a very superb trip!! I love our awesome cousins!!
      Yes, Annie informed me that Resurrection Sunday is the more correct term... =P Can't wait to see you tomorrow!! I can't wait to tell you about some books that we listened to on our trip... Okay one in particular... Can you guess it?? Another Dickens classic!! I really liked it!!! OKAY really have to go... 4 minutes after my bedtime!!! See you tomorrow!!!


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